Sunday, September 22, 2013

What We are Up to This Week - Week 17

Well Fall has arrived in our home.  Fall is a time of beautiful warm colors, sweatshirts and pumpkin everything!!!  It also means sports are returning into our schedule and homeschool group activities are in full swing after their summer break.

This week is in exception.  We have a ton to do.  This weeks activities include:

  • Art Class
  • Piano
  • Soccer
  • Bowling
  • Ballet
  • LEGO Builders - a new activity for our group
  • Speech therapy
  • Co-op
  • Minecraft class
  • Magic Tree House Class......

Too much in each day.  But here is the schoolwork we are going to try and accomplish...

Caty will be working on her regular math, counting and measuring.  Learning about the names of our oceans and reviewing continents.  We will be reading a bit about the continent of Asia.  We will also be starting to read about Cambodia (our country for World Travelers next week).  This week's letter is K.  She'll continue using her BOB app on her iPad and we'll be reading the first books together.  I am not pushing this much, since we are still reviewing letters.  In Science we'll be talking about the seasons of our planet and doing an art project to go with this.

Lydia is continuing with Life of Fred.  She is really enjoying this math book.  She'll also be starting to learn about Cambodia.  In Magic Tree House class we will be learning about life in the villages.  She is continuing to use Reading Kingdom and is reading several early readers almost completely independently.  I think her confidence is building, but still concerned about her reading delay.  In Science we will be finishing up learning about the brain with a couple visual activities for her.  (She is definitely a visual learner.)  Typical spelling words this week.  And of course she is working on Spanish instead of French right now.  She is really enjoying learning some Spanish.  It's a slow go with some of her speech issues, but we are making progress.  For History, we are going to look at some current events and how to sort news stories for important information.

Joey will continue with his Money math and we will be including budgeting this week in his "economics".  In Science he will be learning about Snakes.  History he is continuing his work with the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World in his Minecraft class.  This week he will study more on the Colieseum, Hanging Gardens, Temple of Artemis, and Statue of Zeus.  His book this week continues to be Stuart Little.  Only requiring a chapter a day.  Joey will also work on an internet Scavenger Hunt about Cambodia to go with World Travelers Club.  And last but not least, we will continue our work on the History of Halloween Essay.  As I am typing this, I am configuring his Dragon Speak software on his laptop to help him work on "writing" projects.  He cannot write well at all, and this frustrates him.  With the help of this software he will be able to catch up to his grade level in multiple subjects.  He can speak the answers to essay questions, comprehension material, etc. using Dragon Speak.  I am super excited about how this will help him.

Brayden will be taking his test over the French and Indian War this week.  He may start early Revolutionary War.  In Math, he's working on multiplication.  Science he will continue working on energy, including how humans use energy.  There is a quiz at the end of the week also.  He is working on his American Geography also.  Brayden will only read Spongebob books currently, but at least he will read!!  Baby  In Grammar, he is working on punctuation and capitalization.  Language Arts he is working on how to summarize.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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