Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Presidential Game Review

Understanding our Presidential election process can be difficult for adults to understand at times, but even harder for kids.  I love getting the blank stares from Joey while trying learn about Elections.

The Presidential Game was developed to make learning about the Election process more fun for children.

Created for kids Ages 11 and up, The Presidential Game ($35.00) was developed to really bring the process of understanding the importance of Electoral Votes to life for visual learners.  The object of the game is to campaign and win the Presidential election.  You must collect at least 270 electoral votes during the course of the game, the team that does wins.

Included in the game are 80 Political cards (which contain rewards and penalties for the teams), 40 write your own political cards, 150 Red Vote chips, 150 Blue Vote chips, 1 paper score pad and access to a Electoral WebMap "Calculator".

You have need 2 teams to be either the Republicans or Democrats.  You could have several people on each team to participate.  The WebMap Calculator can provide even more visual help for those who need to see the votes won.

During the last election, Joey tracked the Electoral votes the entire evening.  He understood that the Electoral votes were needed to win the election, not just the popular vote.

I was very excited to be given the opportunity to review The Presidential Game.  All of our kids do better learning visually whether it be through movies, games or just actual experience.  Since none of our kids will be running for President anytime soon, The Presidential Game would be the next best thing.

Our experience though playing, was not what I expected.  Joey and Brayden both meet the age recommendation, but they really struggled playing.  At first I thought it was because it was a new game.  They both got severely frustrated.  So we stepped back and put it away to try again.  I pulled it out again a few days later, and they still struggled trying to follow the steps.  Needless to say, my visual learners were still having trouble.

I absolutely love the concept of The Presidential Game.  The ability to show kids about campaigning, fundraising and even present them with various political situations that candidates face during campaigns, in a game format....is an educational gem.

So I have not given up by any means on playing this game with the boys.  Instead, we'll continue working with short game rounds.  I do see this game as adjustable for kids that have special needs and still be able to teach them the true objective of The Presidential Game.  We will continue to use The Presidential Game so that by next Election time, the kids will have a better grasp about campaigning and the election process.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out The Presidential Game.  Please take some time to see how this game worked with their families.


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