Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Art class - Drawing with Shadows

This week's art class was on adding shadows to our art.  I kept it as simple as possible for drawing.

First we reviewed our pencil numbers.  The difference in hard and soft lead.  And then we talked about the patterns they could use when shading.  I made each of them a worksheet to keep in their sketch books so they could refer back to them.

These are the shapes that I used.  I also had a small flashlight on hand to allow them to see a shadow.  They would put the shape on their sketch page and shine the flashlight down the see the shadows change in color.

Here are a few of our finished projects.

Some added color.

And we always have at least one Minecraft drawing each class.  Love it!
Next class we are going to work on blending lines, and we'll keep adding shadows to our drawings.