Monday, October 28, 2013

C is for Creative Writing

Blogging Through the Alphabet

A friend of mine suggested a creative writing assignment for the kids this week.  Brayden and Caty do not enjoy creating stories....yet.  Caty did see how much fun Lydia had though this week, and may start enjoying these little activities.

Anyway, their assignment was to create a monster and write a story about it.  Joey is just now learning how to write stories, as creativity is not a strong area for him.  But he did have some fun with it.  Lydia LOVED this. 

Lydia and I worked on adjectives this week to go along with the writing.  Joey and did a little work with adjectives.

So without any further words from are Joey and Lydia's stories.

Gellin by Joey Kuehner

Gellin is a monster that is made out of a mix of slime mutated jello and gell.
He can hide by turning into the shape of any object and can stretch his arms to grab Anything or anyone if a object is in him it gets ate away by the acids in his gellatnis structure. If a person is in Gellins body they cant get out unless he hides by changing shape. And can move on walls and ceilings.

Lydia by Lydia Kuehner

My pet Monsters Name is Lydia.  She is fat and rainbow colored.  When she is happy her polka dots appear.  She loves blueberries and eats them all the time.  That is why her teeth are blue.

Lydia has a pet cat named Brownie.  She loves to jump rope and ride her bike.

Lydia loves to learn about China.  Lydia loves to play pretend.  One day Lydia fell asleep watching Mulan.  She starting dreaming she was defending the Great Wall of China from tiny, clay soldiers.

The clay soldiers were throwing fortune cookies at the wall.  Lydia's mouth grew bigger and she started eating the cookies before they hit the Wall.  The soldiers were scared of her blue teeth.  They started running away.  When that happened Lydia released her crickets at them.  The crickets ran the clay soldiers away and saved the day.

The people that lived by the Wall were so happy, they gave Lydia all the blueberries and egg rolls she could eat.

Lydia woke up with a bellyache.  But she was so glad she could help.

After a snack, Lydia decided to ride her bike to the library since she ate so much in her dream.  She checked out more books on Ancient China.

Next weeks Lydia is going to be learning about Tide Pools for American Girl Club.  So I am going to give her a mermaid theme to write about.  She should love that.

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