Sunday, October 13, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 19

In my life this week....

Well my body was kind enough to remind me that I cannot train physically 5 days a week.  My fibro sort of kicked my butt this week with a complete lack of energy, weird blood sugar levels and a whole bunch of brain fog.  So I didn't work out as much this week as normal.  So now I will be spending some time trying to find what my body says will work for me.

Projects I am working on.....

Still working on our Homeschool start up project.  Hopefully Joe and I will get some done tomorrow.  I spent the evening writing up lesson plans for the next couple weeks, so hopefully we can concentrate on the business tomorrow evening....unless he gets another phone call for work.

We moved office space to give Joe a bigger office.  I made myself room for my desks in there too.  The old office is now our bedroom.  Very basic place for us to  We are still pricing and looking at video cameras for the house.  We are getting daily reminders that this is going to be necessary in the not so distant future.

In our homeschool this week.....

Well...we did learn.  I have definitely discovered that our kids are not the "unschooling" type.  They really need to be pointed in a direction and really guided along.  So I guess we will never be complete unschoolers.  They played alot of educational games.  We listened to alot of books on cd and went on a couple field trips.  I think we had a nice week.  But it's back to more regular books next week.

What I am cooking...

I think I have gotten a GF Gingerbread cookie recipe figured out using coconut flour.  They were not too dry and pretty tasty.  Next week I will be working on pumpkin cookies just by making some more adjustments on that recipe.  I will blog that one

Made some yummy chicken and wild rice soup.  Meatloaf.....potato soup.  Hamburgers with feta goat cheese....oh...those burgers were the best!!!

What I am reading.....

:(  Nothing.  Was too busy decluttering and moving furniture around.  Hopefully now that things are a bit organized I can do some reading this next week.

Some pictures to share from our week....

We went to the art museum to see the new Japanese modern print exhibit.  We couldn't take pictures, but it was of prints made with wooden blocks.  They had wooden blocks on display.  Very neat to see.

 We played at the park.
 Lydia had soccer practice.
 There was class at Build-It.  They built bridges that were tested with an 8 pound weight.

 Joey and Brayden's survived.
 We did a tour of Historic Fort Meigs.  A local fort from the War of 1812.
Displaying a musket firing.
 The Memorial at Fort Meigs

 Brayden and Caty were more interested in the acorns that the squirrels were leaving behind.

 We watched the International Space Station pass over a couple times (the Little white dot in the middle of the screen).
 We had American Girl Club.

We also had a tea party with our American Girl Club.  Samantha had daily tea with Grandmary.  So we learned about how to act when having tea....and no there were no pinkies out !!

Our homeschool group also had a Fall Harvest Party that we had fun at on Friday.
 Made bird feeders.
 Had pumpkin soccer roll, a scavenger hunt, painted and had lots of fun.

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