Sunday, October 13, 2013

What we are up to this week....Week 20

We have a couple field trips this week.  I am grateful for Monday, it's a very quiet day!  We are very excited to be starting DIY club on Tuesday.  Sooooo very happy about this club for the boys.  We do not have music lessons this week due to teachers being out of town and busy.  On Thursday the girls start their first Zoo Homeschool class for the year, and we also have our Women's Living History event.  On Friday we have a trip back to Fort Meigs to learn how soldiers lived in the War of 1812.

Joey is working on IXL this week.  He is going to be working on Inequalities and comparing numbers in math.  In Science we will be starting Apologia Chemistry (watch for the upcoming review).  This week in Science will be matter and the density of matter.  For World Travelers, we will start learning about the country of Bolivia.  Joey and Brayden start back up with Ohio History this week.  Pretty basic stuff in there, just learning about all the counties and refresher of the basics of Ohio Geography.  In Grammar, he will be working on using nouns in writing.  We are hoping to finish up his History of Halloween essay this week also.

Brayden will still be working with Time 4 Learning.  He seems to enjoy it.  This week he will be working on multiplying multiple numbers in Math.   In Science he will be learning about Sound.  He and Joey will be working on Ohio History together.  I am also going to have him concentrate on United State geography, meaning at the next couple weeks learning where states are located.  In Art he will be working on Color and using color.  In LA, he will be learning about the plot of a story.  In Grammar, he is working on Nouns and verbs.

Lydia is all across the boards using all different kinds of curriculum.  She'll continue using Life of Fred, she has graduated to the Butterflies book.  She'll be doing Science with Joey and working on Matter.  In history, she will be finishing her project on Jane Goodall.  World Travelers, she'll be learning about Bolivia and cooking our meal.  For Language Arts, she'll be working on types of sentences (question, command, exclamation) and the punctuation used.  (Using IXL for practice).  She did great using Spelling city for Spelling, so she will continue her next spelling list this week.  Handwriting is Draw Write Now, level 1.  And of course, she'll continue with Reading Kingdom and reading books.  I have been secretly upping a few of her reading books she keeps at her  She hasn't caught on yet....SHHHHH!  She also needs to finish her castle project for her online Middle Ages class.

Caty is continuing her Letter of the Week.  We got behind, so working on L and M this week.  We'll also be learning why leaves change color in the Fall.  She is getting to try some great World Geography books, so this week we will be learning about South Korea.  I picked out a couple recipes for her to help make for lunch this week.  In math, continue with shapes and number association.  She also gets to review a new magazine called God's World.  We are so excited....I am loving what I have seen so far.  Watch for the upcoming review.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!  See you Saturday!!

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