Sunday, October 6, 2013

What we are up to this week....Week 19

It's going to be a long week.....we have a class, field trip, or club every day.  So we are going to be "unschooling" it this week.  The kids and I went to the library the other day and picked out books on topics they wanted to learn about.

Joey- He's going to be finishing his Minecraft class this week.  He has built his Temple of Artemis.  Castles starts soon, and he is excited.  The books he chose were on Forensic Science and Wind Energy.  He's using (watch for the upcoming review) for topics on math and grammar.  And also Spelling City.  We're also going to spend a little more time working on his History of Halloween essay.

Brayden - He's working on a few books.  He chose a book on weights and measurement.  I am almost certain he will dislike it.  So I am going to be ready for him to read about Wind Energy and taking care of the planet.

Lydia - Well she is working on IXL also.  So she'll be using those practice games for math and grammar/language arts.  For science she chose...drumroll please....animal books.  She is going to read about deer, owls, and look at birds of Ohio.  We are going to be working on our Bird (ornithology) Badge for DIY Club.  She'll also be doing Spelling City.

Caty - She chose to learn about the planets this week.  We are going to skip to the Letter P for planets.  She is also using for math.

This might seem light, but the kids do have art class.  They also have their history covered in a field trip on Wednesday to Fort Meigs (War of 1812) and we will be reading our area of the Great Black Swamp.  I recorded a PBS special that we can watch also.  In a couple weeks, we are going to listen to a historian/storyteller fill us in on The Great Black Swamp.  Their LEGO class on Tuesday in on building suspension bridges.  I can't wait to watch that one!  I think we are pretty covered this week!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!  See you on Saturday!!

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