Monday, October 28, 2013

What we are up to this week...Week 22

I am going to make some changes this week.  We are going to try some subjects together.  Trying to juggle 4 separate science and history topics is killing me.  Let's just say my brain has turned into non-Newtonian's still there but not sure if I am solid or a

So the older kids will be doing science and Ohio History together.  Since Lydia is a bit more creative, I will have little side projects that she will enjoy.  Such as this week we are reading about the Native Americans of Ohio.  So I found a Wampum belt she can make.  The experiments in Science should keep all their attentions.

So other than that, this is this weeks schedule.....

Piano and guitar of course.  Older kids have bowling.  Girls have ballet and we have DIY Club on Friday.

Combined subjects are:

Science - States of matter
Ohio History - The First residents of Ohio
World Geography - Bolivia for World Travelers Club.  Lydia has picked her topic, so this week she will be working on her project and just learning basic facts about Bolivia.  Joey will be picking a topic and creating a project.

Now for individual subjects:

Joey is still hitting the Math basics.  He is struggling so much, that I just keep reviewing the basics.  It is really frustrating to see him struggle in this area.  He will finally be finishing his Halloween essay.  In Grammar he will be sorting common/proper nouns (this is a quick review) and working on pronouns.  He is reading some Geronimo Stilton books right now.

Brayden will be taking his quiz on factors and then start on early division.  In Grammar/Language Art he will be working on sequential order.  His art class in Time 4 Learning is on Shape and Form.  Also working on remembering the States and where they are located.

Lydia was struggling a bit remembering her spelling words last week, so we will be doing those again this week.  She is working on addition word problems and writing her own addition problems.  Her writing this week will be about a mermaid.  Not sure what direction she will head with this one.  In Grammar she will be tackling antonyms.  She is feeling a bit more confident in her reading and keeps selecting harder books.  In American Girl Club we will be learning about tide pools to go along with our reading of Kailey.  I found some fun projects for her online to help her more with writing and reading graphs.

Caty is going to sit in on the American Girl stuff and Science also.  She is also still learning about Space, so we will be adding planets to our wall.  Caty is still loving Math Seeds and Reading Eggs, so we will be working with that program.  This week we will be working on the Letter N and O.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!  See you on Saturday!

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