Sunday, November 3, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 22

In my life this week....

Well I got busy again and didn't get this posted yesterday.  I have a bad tooth that has been driving me crazy.  Can't get in to get the work started until next week.  My body is starting to reject all the energy I am spending on living, running around and cleaning because of the infection I have.  Unfortunately I cannot take the antibiotics that the dentist gave me, he just didn't seem to understand that I am allergic to them.  So I am taking each day, one day at a time.

In our homeschool this week.....

We finished our work.  I have some extra practice next week planned in areas that the boys need to work a little bit extra in.

Lydia started learning about tide pools, and she also worked on graphs.  I planned on her doing a creative writing assignment about a mermaid, but that is the only thing we didn't get done.

In Science we worked on the 3 States of Matter

Non-Newtonian liquid
 How water striders walk on water.
 Caty worked on the Reading Eggs app.  She really liked this one.
 One of Lydia's cooking projects this week....Bolivian rice pudding.
 I worked out after Caty's speech this week, the girls had the playroom to themselves.  So they were drawing treehouses we could live in.

 In Ohio History, we talked about the first residents of Ohio.  Lydia and I attempted a beading project.  She did not enjoy this project.  That was as far as we got.
Lydia also worked on two graphs to go with her math and also American Girl this week.  We are reading Kailey, and she loves tide pools.  So Lydia and I are learning more about tide pools.
 Lydia also started writing her own songs for piano.
 This was one of our gases experiment.  Blowing up balloons without our lips.  Basically catching the gases from the chemical reaction.
 Lydia and Caty went to DIY Club this week.  They dissected owl pellets to go along with our Ornithology badge.

We did a 4 day week, with the 5th being our "makeup" or "recovery" day.   I am working hard at not over-planning our lessons.  This week was a great example.  Joey needs a little extra help in pronouns.  And Brayden needs a little extra help in Division.  Instead of stressing about unfinished work, I was able to just concentrate on how to help them understand those subjects better.  

Projects I am working on......

Got some winter clothes out.  Folded laundry (because we were living out of baskets).  And just making sure my calendar is up to date.  I have a lot of reviews to finish in the next couple weeks, so I need to get them done on time (I would prefer early!!).

I am trying to keep our Blog Facebook page updated.  I have gotten way behind on it and feel very guilty.  So have posts scheduled for all of November.  I will have December done next week.  I am also working on a blog calendar to make sure there are plenty of posts from our Krazy Days !!

Things I am reading....

I am reading a book for a review called, At Home in Dogwood Mudhole.  Very interesting book.

Things I am cooking.....

It was a freezer/fridge clean out week.  Since I had to wait until payday to go to the store, we were using up what we had stockpiled.  I am very grateful for the stockpile we have accumulated a bit from Costco.  The last couple months when I go, I try to buy something extra and it has helped on lean weeks.  We can still eat very healthy and not processed junk.

Favorite thing for the kids this week....

When I was at Costco, I bought them Monsters University.  They were so excited when we surprised them.  I also gave in and let them order Pizza Hut this week.  They haven't had that in ages, and Joey's behavior definitely reminded me what that kind of stuff does to his system.

All in all we had a decent week, meltdowns come and go.  I think that may be my new life saying.  Linking up with other homeschool moms at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler.

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