Monday, November 4, 2013

What we are up to this week...Week 23

We have a full week this week.  We have Art Class, Science Class at the Science Museum, med checks, blood work, World Travelers Club and we get to finish the week off with ballet and the start of my root canal.   Say that 3 times without being tongue tied!

Through all this....we are doing school work.

Lydia will be working on writing a book about some local birds to Northwest Ohio.  She is building a model of a tide pool with clay that she is making herself.  She has planned several projects to meet some DIY club requirements.  She will also be looking for an important Native American Woman to learn about for Scouts next week.

Joey is working on his Minecraft Castles class.  He will be doing some practice with pronouns.  Working on his World Travelers Club project.  And he is also working on some DIY Club projects.  I am going to have Joey research and write a report on some Birds of Northwest Ohio also (for patch requirement).  I recorded a special on da Vinci for Joey to watch, and I will be giving him some assignments in Minecraft to help reinforce all that he invented and his research.

Brayden is practicing his Division facts.  Working on US Geography some more this week.  I am going to include him on the pronoun practice that Joey is doing.  Brayden will be watching the same da Vinci special.

Caty is going to keep working on Reading Eggs and Math Seeds.  The Letter O is our letter this week and we are going to be reading more about Space and our Solar System.  We have 3 more planets to add to our Solar System wall.

In Ohio History, we will be learning about what happened to the Natives when the Europeans came to Ohio.

Busy week.....I am behind on planning so working on it as I am typing this post.  Hope everyone has a great week.  See you at our weekly wrap-up on Saturday.

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