Saturday, November 23, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 25

In my life this week......

I am working to get out of a mental funk.  It is very hard to break this cycle.  My fibro does not help this, in fact it is making it worse.  I have been trying to get back into my exercise routine which I broke.  I am starting the feel the effects of this.  So I am trying to push through.  This mental exhaustion I feel leads to physical exhaustion and lack of motivation to do anything.  I have trouble focusing also.  So work is even harder to get finished.

I am very excited to be invited to return for the 2014 Schoolhouse Crew Year.  We have loved our time on the Crew, starting our 3rd year this year and can't wait to get started.

In our homeschool this week.....

We are chugging along.  The boys and I are working on "search" skills on the internet.  It's amazing that they can find any Youtube video they want, but give them a fact sheet to research online and they just stare at a blank screen.  So this week we practiced key word searches while looking for facts about Trinidad.

Caty finished her Planet wall, and now we are just doing basic space information and I am helping her memorize the planet names.  I also have been pulling out more "activities" for Caty to do.  She really liked using the Jr. Hot Dot Cards this week.  So I am grateful to get some alphabet work and number work in using these and her Minnie Mouse game.

Lydia started her Birds of Northwest Ohio book.  This is for science, but also for her DIY mastery badge.  She hasn't stopped at 5, but is going to 10 she decided.  We are half way done now.  She is doing a great job drawing the birds.  She and I are typing up information in Word and then printing the facts.

Projects I am working on.....  This mental funk is killing my energy.  So stupid piles of junk are piling up.

I also started crocheting again.  I just finished one headband last night.  I am going to get some embellishments and make some of these for the girls.  Caty loves the rainbow in this one.

I am also working on study guides for the American Girl Rebecca books.  I have Book 1 - Meet Rebecca published, and Book 2 will publish next week.  The girls and I are enjoying these books right now.

What I am reading.....

I lost it all week though, finally found it under the couch.  I am enjoying this story so far.  I also have started Maze Runner.  It was recommended since I enjoyed Hunger Games so much.

What I am cooking.....

Made all kinds of stuff this week.  We did make an allergen friendly peach pie to go with the Letter P this week.  That was super yummy!!!  We pick up our fresh turkey today and can't wait to eat on that next week!!  All kinds of yummy things planned to make.

My kids favorite thing this week.....

I am guessing me pushing them to get their work done so that they can have plenty of time to do what they want.  The kids actually finished their work this week.  The only thing we didn't get finished was Joey's bird book didn't get fully "started".  He did look up facts and picked the birds he wanted to learn about.  But We didn't get as far in his book as we did with Lydia.  So that will be what he finishes next week.....our partial week.  We also took the time to watch Planes on Thursday because they worked so hard.

My favorite thing this week.....

Hmmmm....probably watching some old movies with the kids for History this week.  We watched Drums Along the Mohawk to go along with our Ohio History this week.  Great movie for the Ohio Valley between the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War time period.  Shows them great information about how life really was here, although I know it was probably

Some pictures from this week....

Caty working on her Hot Dots cards.
Lydia working on her Birds of Northwest Ohio book.
The girls and Daddy went on a date this week.  I think this was the girls favorite thing this week.
 Since Lydia is wanting to write books so bad, I found these great Road to Writing books.  I wish they were easier to find, but Lydia is working on this one right now.

She is working on drawing a horse in her book.  Our Draw Write Now Handwriting book had a great step by step instruction guide for her to use.

Lydia finished her model of a tide pool to go with what we were learning in our American Girl Kailey book.

Miss Caty was mad that I wouldn't let her play Animal Jam before she finished her work.
 So she finally got going.
 We got this fun little activity in a Busy Bag Swap.  It was so fun.  I think Caty likes using it.
I got a shot of Joey working on his Vocabulary/Spelling workbook.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!  Linking up with other Homeschool Mom at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler.

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