Sunday, November 24, 2013

What we are up to this week.... Week 26

Well, we are going to do school this week.  Just 3 days though, and then next week we'll have a full week need to finish up a couple things and just keep ourselves on track.

Ohio History

None this week....only 3 days of class.  And Mommy has a couple appointments, so taking the week off from History.


Brayden and the girls are going to be learning about Frogs.  Our tadpoles finally arrived today.  So they are excited to watch them grow and learn more about them.


Joey and Brayden are continuing with Saxon and doing well with it, so we'll keep going.  Their lessons the next few days are adding with re-grouping and writing numbers in words and digits.  Science, he'll be reading about the icky, sticky and gross things animals do to survive.  Grammar/Language Arts will be reviewing punctuation and also looking at fact vs. opinion.  He'll continue working on learning how to read cursive.  And he will be doing a refresher on how to read maps/globes (this is a couple weeks program).


Same math as Joey.  Also the same language arts/grammar as Joey.  In Science as I mentioned  Brayden will also be working on the same map reading unit.  As well as his spelling workbook.


Lydia is going to finish her bird book this week.  In Grammar, will continue learning more pronouns and will create a pronoun poster.  She'll finish her sight word review this week, and start the first grade level!!  Whoohooo!!!  She has a World Travelers Club dessert to try for Trinidad.  And she will continue in her Animal Crackers story builders book.  Last week she finished her test of Math skills, so I know what she needs to work on.  So we'll be starting fractions this week.  Science....Frogs


It's Q time, for our letter of the week.  We'll be learning about our Community Helpers and why they are so important for our safety and those around us.  She'll be working on the frog life cycle.  We'll work with our Hot Dots Cards and Minnie Mouse math game.  

This is how our week looks.  Hope everyone has a great week!!!  

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