Saturday, December 14, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week in Review for Week 28

In my life this week....

Well while trying to start back into a smooth workout routine, fibro flare-up has been occurring.  Go figure.  So I am doing as low impact as I can, but still trying to get exercise.  So no jogging, but walking and bike riding (at the gym).  Low-impact ball workout too.

I am trying hard to get things going a little more scheduled.  I have been floudering, and my fibro is not helping.  It causes intense brain fog and inability to focus.  I feel like I need meds to control my fibro induced ADHD.   I am going back to carrying my notebook for notes.  I desperately need to write stuff down constantly now.

I treated myself to an essential oil diffuser, ok it's for the family too.  I have found some calming oils that help Caty during some of her moods.  So since they help Joey too, we are going to try and diffuse to help maybe control some mood swings.  I guess we'll wait and see.  I am grasping at straws right now to help them all.

In our homeschool this week....

Since I gave the kids last week off, I was very nervous about starting back this week.  I had plans in place.....but well as we all know, "plans are made to be broken."  Even with some minor adjustments, the kids did wonderful completing their schoolwork with minor whining!!  I was so happy!!!  Lydia even worked independently today on her work in the van.  First time ever.  If she wasn't sure of a word, she would spell it for me (because I was driving).  I was so happy and proud!!

Lydia worked really hard on finishing her craft swap she made her friends in Scouts.  She sewed pocket tissue holders for their purses.  We loosely followed this pattern loosely for this project.  She attempted to do bleach art on them, but we didn't know felt wouldn't bleach.

This really was a good week for us schoolwork wise.  I am very proud of the kiddos for working so hard.

Projects I am working on.....

Field trips....field trips.....field trips.  I let the house go downhill last week, so it is filthy!!  I am trying to pick up between projects.

Lydia and I are trying to make a bunch of pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer.  Lydia sewed her first pillow case last night.  We are continuing to make more.

I have some decluttering to work on also.

I want to make a weighted blanket for each of the kiddos.  Right now my main ones will be for Caty and Joey.  I have been scouring the internet for how to videos and making a plan right now.

I am also restructuring some lesson plans for certain subjects for the kids.  A couple things were not working and so making adjustments.  I also need to add some extra spelling practice for Lydia since she decided to do a spelling bee in January/February.

Things we have been doing.....

The girls had their ballet recital Friday night.  It's always so much fun.  They have such a wonderful teacher.  She is doing a great job teaching them various forms of dance and allowing the girls self-expression.  They love going to Ms. Kathy.

Lydia got to go to see the Nutcracker and then go backstage to meet the lead dancer who played Clara.  She was so excited!!

The kids also had a class at Build It Lego Play area.  They got to make their own comic strip with LEGOs.  They created their strip, made their set.

 Made their characters.
 And then photographed each scene.

What I have been cooking....

For the most part we stayed on menu plan.  I changed it up a bit a few times.  To make up for lack of an ingredient or time.  We did really well eating at home or packing, and for a treat we ordered pizza on Friday after the recital.  I didn't create anything new and unusual though.  Kept pretty plain, didn't have much extra time.

What I have been reading....

Nothing...big disappointment.  No extra time this week.

Photos from our week....

Lydia sewing her tissue pouches.
Caty trying to be me at the gym the other day.
 Working on her Letter S-Snowman
 Caty and her friend Sydney working on their spaghetti structure.
 A game I picked up at the Dollar Tree.  Thought, "Hey it's a $ real loss."  But it's great for build visual perception skills.  They have to notice those difference quickly.
 Caty's letters this week.
Another Caty project.  She is working on learning about community helpers.
 Lydia at her ballet recital.

The girls had so much fun at their recital with their little friends :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Linking up with other moms at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler.


  1. What an awesome week! We also did the Letter of the Week pics & have them hanging up across the top of our dining room wall. :)