Sunday, December 15, 2013

What we are up to this week - Week 29

Going to have the usual piano lessons, hopefully guitar this week. The girls have Zoo class and World Travelers.  Caty has speech too.  Joey signed up for a Minecraft LEGO class.  He is pretty excited.  

Combined learning is going to be Art, Health and History.  They are going to be doing a oil pastel drawing for art and in history they will be reading about some tall tale legendary figures.  In Health, we will be continuing to go over Safety reminders.

Joey & Brayden - Counting line segments, comparing numbers and working on more complicated word problems
Lydia - Finding the unknown and counting backward using a number line
Caty - Simple adding with games

Joey & Brayden - plant and animal cells
Lydia - Sunlight and the important parts of plants, she also has her amphibian report to do for zoo class.
Caty - working on a unit about winter

Joey & Brayden - reading longitude and latitude
Lydia - Map reading also

Joey - writing complete sentences
Lydia - Action verbs

Typical stuff and Lydia is going to be practicing words for the upcoming Spelling Bee

Caty is working on making a Timeline of her first 5 years.  Beginning sounds reviews as we finish her Letter review.  She is also working on the Letter F sounds for speech.

Hope everyone has a safe (with all the nasty weather going on) and wonderful week!!!