Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Learning about Picasso

We have been doing a lot with line art in our class, and I can tell it's boring the kids.  So changed it up a bit.  This month we are learning about Picasso.  The kids love bright colors and making cool projects, so his unique art definitely fits what we needed :)

This class we looked at Picasso's Weeping Woman.....

We used the Pick and Draw cards created by Rich Davis for this project.  We have used these a couple times this year.  They are a hit every we get them out.

First we drew large ovals.  Then the kids were to draw specific amount of eyes, mouths, nose on their picture.  They used black oil pastels to do this.

Next they used watercolor and water color crayons to add color to their pictures.  The oil pastels were resistant to the watercolors then.

We have some awesome kiddos in this class!!  They do a great job!!!  Next lesson is also on Picasso.  They love his art!!

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