Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY Cheerleading bows

Lydia and Joey are both on our county's Special Olympics Cheerleading Squad.  This was a year of new uniforms and colors, and I volunteered to make the bows for the girls (because those things are not cheap to order!!).

Materials needed:

2 inch ribbon (with or without wire...I prefer the wired edges for forming)
1.5 inch ribbon
7/8 inch ribbon
sewing machine (although you can glue also...but sewing together makes it "sturdier")
hair barrette or hair band
small utility zip ties (1 per ribbon)

Measure out the two largest ribbons to 36 inches each.

Sew together on both sides.
 Lay down and fold one side into the middle
 And then meet with the other side.
 Pinch together
 and add the wire/zip tie to hold together, but don't pull fully tight
 Add the barrette.
 And pull tight.
 Cut the small ribbon to about 8 inches (I needed it longer to tie it.  My fingers were not working with shorter lengths that could easily cut shorter)
 Tie threw to make a small knot.
 Hot glue knot on top of the zip tie on front.
It will look like this.
Bring ends around back and tie in a knot.  Make sure to have trimmed the zip tie and add a couple drops of hot glue on top of that to secure the know over the zip tie end.
 And voila....You have a large bow!!  Takes about 10 minutes per bow when you first get started.


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