Monday, January 20, 2014

What we are up to this week....Week 34

WOW!!....34 weeks have already passed this school year.  Will I ever get over the feeling like I am not doing enough to educate the kids?

Here's what we will be working on this week...

Joey and Brayden are continuing to use Khan Academy for Math.  They'll be working on adding and subtracting large numbers and beginning multiplying digit numbers.  We will be working on programming also.  Mom is doing that right along with them.

Joey is starting a Minecraft class on the Periodic Table of Elements and he is working on a class about the Mayans also.  Joey is also helping us monitor our server for Homeschool with Minecraft.  Joey will also be working on his 4H projects.  He is working on a project on Food and Fitness, Money, and Family Genealogy.  Joey is going to start using Kinderbach to help learn how to read for the upcoming review.

Brayden will continue taking our Minecraft class on Native Americans.  In Science, Brayden is learning about bacteria.  Brayden will be working on his 4H project also.  He is doing the 1st year Money Matters project.  Brayden is also doing a quick unit study on US Presidents.

Lydia and I just started reading American Girl Isabelle.  We haven't gotten that far yet.  So that is our goal this week.  She is going to finish her Weather review using Simple Schooling.  She is also working on our Native Americans History class.  She is doing really well with All About Spelling.   She is taking an Animal Habitats Minecraft class for Science.  Week 2 starts this week.  For math, we are reviewing skills again.  I am doing it a more fun way though, I am playing some math games with her on her iPad.

Caty and I are going to continue reading Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies.  We are going to keep talking about wants and needs.  How we can help those around us who cannot meet their needs.  And we are going to talk a little how companies advertise to make us want more than we need.  How they make things look so good and then we spend too much.  She gets to start using Science 4 for the upcoming review.  I am also going to be doing a lot of skill review since we finish all our letters.  I found a great iPad app for us to play together to test her skills.  I am also going to attempt to start 100 Lessons reading program with Caty this week.

We have piano, guitar, cheerleading and a basketball game this week.  The girls have a science class at the local science museum, because it was rescheduled due to the last huge snowstorm.  Of course there are some dental cleanings and Lydia has a checkup and Caty has a med check.  So we will be seeing lots of docs this week.  Ugh!  I'll see everyone on can see if I can survive working, homeschooling, and being a taxi driver this week.

Have a great week!!!

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