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KinderBach Online Piano Lesson with Teacher Corner Review

It is the start of a new Crew Year, and we recently had the privilege to try an online music program, KinderBach - Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner ($130.00/ year).  KinderBach offers a unique method to encourage children to read musical notes, learn rhythm and music patterns, and learn to play the piano.
KinderBach encourages children ages 3 - 7 to explore and learn the piano through games, activity sheets and fun music videos.  This age is the perfect time to encourage musical abilities as the child's brain continues to grow.

Written by professional musician, Karri Gregor, KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner provides children with about 22 hours of video lessons and interactive worksheets to help encourage the musical side of their brains.  Kids will learn how to read musical notes and symbols.  They will also learn to follow rhythm, read music scales and hand/finger position.  

KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner provides parents with Six different lesson levels that encourage beginners to strive to reach their goal of playing the piano.  Using fun songs and characters like Dodi the Donkey and Frisco, kids are drawn in to look at the piano keyboard in a different way.  The songs are fun and upbeat to help teach rhythm and pitch.

The added benefit of KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner, is the Teacher Corner.  It provides the teacher or parent with full PDF downloadable and reusable books.  They also provide MP3 downloads of music for the kids.  There is a full list of lessons, so that parents that homeschool will know what should be accomplished/completed under each lesson.

How did we use this program?

You DO NOT need a music education degree to teach with KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner.  You do not even need to know how to read music or know anything about music to work with this program with your kids.  

At first I tried it with Joey, our oldest who is 13.  He has struggled with learning to read music for a few years and hasn't gotten the hang of it yet.  I thought maybe the program might help him in this area.  Unfortunately he did not like the program.  He said "It is neat to see the videos and visually see what keys I should be hitting, but I'm a little old for the kiddie songs."  I knew it was a long shot to have him try it, but thought we would give it a try.  He still sits down and watches Caty and hits a few keys.  I think he will benefit from the later lessons that we haven't reached yet, so I still have him "hang" out with us while Caty is working on the lessons.  

So next I tried it with Caty.  Caty is in the recommended age range.  She has been taking piano lessons from a wonderful teacher, but due to Caty's stubbornness has not progressed a long way.  I used KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner as a supplement to her regular weekly lessons.  I can already see improvement in her confidence in attempting to play piano.  She is remembering where specific keys are and even remembering her "numbers" on her fingers.  

The lessons are broken down into weekly sessions, which are broken down into 3-4 sessions a week.  That might seem like a lot, but it is really only about 20 minutes worth of work a week.  Which is a perfect fit for her piano practice time each day.  The videos are short and do not require a large amount of attention span from her, which is perfect for a young active and inattentive child.  

Before I sit down with Caty for a lesson, I make sure to print the worksheet file for that day's lesson.  Your membership to KinderBach's Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner gives you access to full PDF workbooks that you can print easily.

Here is a sample worksheet from a lesson:
Kinderbach Review

Some worksheets are just following along with the video and other worksheets encourage answering questions about the video they are watching.  These add no extra time to the lesson and are completely easily and feature cute characters.

The full-color screens have been able to keep Caty's attention during each lesson.  She has been able to maneuver the videos just fine on her own, so she can start and pause the videos as needed while she is completing her worksheets to go with each lesson.

Here is a video sample to show how cute and child-friendly the videos are.

Will we continue to use to use KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner?  From the short amount of time that we have been using this product, I have been impressed with the way Caty has taken to using Dodi?  I will continue to include KinderBach in her weekly lessons.  I will also encourage Joey to watch also and see what information he can retain.  
It might seem like the KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner is a bit out of budget, which I know we will have a bit of a stretch to renew our membership, but it is worth it for early lessons.  We have done the running for little ones lessons, and you get tired, they get tired and then everyone is cranky.  Try using KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner for your lessons instead.  They do offer a 30 day guarantee if you are not satisfied.  
KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner can be used by both homeschoolers and those using other school settings.  This program really does cover all different type of family needs.  Typical and special needs kids can benefit from singing along with Dodi and Frisco and the many other characters that have been created by Karri Gregor.  So give it a try today and see how you and your family will enjoy KinderBach Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner.
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