Monday, February 24, 2014

What we are Up to this week..... #39

It's actually one of those easy....yet hectic weeks.  We have DIY Club, Art Class, Speech therapy and Lydia starts her reading therapy this week also.  This is the only area where she is really struggling, and it's holding her back in other subjects.  So we decided it's time to seek some outside help in this area with her.  We might have piano, but not sure if our teacher will be in town (her grandson is due anytime).

But he's what's on schedule this week.....

Joey and Brayden will continue their science unit on the human body.  This week they'll be learning more about the respiratory system and circulatory system.  I am hoping to get both a blood model made with them and a fake lung.  We'll wait and see.  In Math they will continue working on greatest common factor.   Both will continue their reading assignments, Brayden is finishing Boxcar Children #1 and Joey is finishing Lemonade War.  They both are starting a class on how to write Mods for Minecraft.  I have created a few Internet Scavenger Hunts for them to work on also.  Joey will be finishing up the Dairy section of his 4H project-Food and Fitness.  Both boys will continue with our Homeschool with Minecraft class on Explorers.

Lydia will also be doing the explorers class.  In Science she is still learning about animals and habitats.  This week, she'll be learning a little about how plants and animals co-exist in an environment.  In math she'll be reviewing place value and working on written numbers in the hundreds/thousands.  Since she did not enjoy poetry either, we are working on a literature study using fairy tales for a few weeks.  She starts reading therapy this week at a local university.  So we'll see how fast her reading may catch up with her other subjects.

Caty is continuing her reading and we will be practicing her sight words.  I may make a quick memory game of the words she is struggling with.  In Science, she'll start a unit on Plants.  She is going to work on following the directions by using drawing worksheets.  We are going to work on beginning sounds and recognizing sounds.  She'll have speech therapy this week, unless the weather changes drastically...again.  In math, we'll continue practicing counting.  Measuring skills are on the card this week.  She'll continuing using her Kinderbach program, and Essentials Skills.

It's another busy week....Hope all goes well with you!!!