Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our Weekly Accomplishments and Triumphs....Week 38

In My Life This Week....

It's been a busy week.  But we got some things done.  I am way behind in housework....yet again.  One of my fibro issues is swollen chest muscles...I don't remember what -itis it's called but it takes it out of me.  I struggle with shortness of breath and it's painful to breath.  Needless to say it's put a huge block on exercising.  I was actually very grateful for the freezing rain we got this week, because I could stay home and cancel some therapy appointments and just do school with the kids.

In Our Homeschool this Week...

Well none of the kids are enjoying poetry right now.  So I think we will skip around a bit.  I can't blame's genetic....neither Joe and I are fans either.

But we did get our work done this week and only with minimal drama from Brayden.  He thought he was going to pull one over on  That's harder to do when you live with your teacher!

We had a few cancellations because of ice and then rainy, flooding issues.  I kind of look forward to being stuck at home this past week.

I find it very hard to break the public school thinking...even though we have been homeschooling for so long....that the kids can finish their work in such a shorter amount of time.  They are not strapped to a desk or have their face in textbook for 8 hours a day.  I remind them when they are whining about their work how well they have it and ask them if they want homework.

Caty, Lydia and I had our Troops World Thinking Day to attend.  It's a big Geography event.  Unfortunately they were terribly disappointed.  Although Caty was in heaven with all the food samples, which I told her not to take....but she kept sneaking anyway.  Lydia knows the drill...she doesn't snack and I pay her :).  It keeps her from getting foods that I don't like her to have or she shouldn't have.  I really try to control as much sugar as I can.  Don't think though they are deprived.  We bake a couple times a week, they are not deprived of anything.

Photos from our week...

I don't have a ton of photos from our week, but just a few.

Lydia and Caty got a special package from a friend.  They both loved it, but Caty started cuddling immediately.
 Brayden said I needed to get his picture with Brownie.
 Joey learned how to make my homemade spaghetti sauce.  He was very proud of it and it was tasty.

Lydia started adding coins this week.  This was one of the games we played.  She did really well considering it was her first week adding larger sums.

The boys are doing a study unit on the Human body.  A friend of mine shared a link she found where they used playdough along with Montessori cards to create models of internal body organs.  I was nervous about playdough and sensory issues.
 But the boys did really well.

Caty saw the playdough and wanted to play too.  So I encouraged her to start spelling out her sight words for this week in playdough.  Her attention didn't last past "a".  

Caty finished up her science unit on Living vs Non-living.  She is working slowing on her reading.  But sight words are a bit difficult.  So we are going to continue to work with them.  Slow but


Any suggestions for kiddos and poetry.  My kids were not enjoying it...and neither was I.  So I changed things up.  Would love to hear any suggestions.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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