Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our Week --- Week 35

In my life this week....

It's been a weird week.  Lots of snow and lots of work.  We are super excited about launching our next set of classes on Homeschool with Minecraft.  It's been the project all week.  But this has put me way behind in other areas.  I am just feeling way...way behind.  I hope I get caught up soon.

Physically my fibro hasn't been nice to me.  I am struggling with brain fog and exhaustion.  I won't lie when I say being snowed in for like 3 days was wonderful.  I changed into clean pjs everyday and was very comfortable at least in my clothes :)

In our homeschool this week.....

They all managed to get their work done.  The only projects that were delayed were 4H projects.  He has plenty of time to work on them.  It was more of the family history one that was put off.  He did do part of his food one this week.  We made orange smoothies to go with learning about dairy.  

Caty was proud to be recognizing more of her sounds.  She is working her way through 100 Easy Lessons....I am not pushing it, just slowly working on it.  Her speech causes some issues with this, but I could see how proud she was when she realized she read the word 'am'....just a small word to make her so happy.

Joey worked really well this week.  He did a great job trying to remember all the rules for regrouping in subtraction.  He is finally up to doing this to the thousands!!!  Oh and without a calculator!!

Brayden on the other hand, only wanted to play video games.  Some days took threats of taking all privileges of electricity away.  Unfortunately we are definitely getting close to having a 2nd teenager.  I am not sure but he has been having more manicky behaviors the last few months.  They come and go out of the blue.  Brayden does not get physically active the way Joey does.  He sits and rocks a cat or just rocks on his couch, he repeats weird Spongebob says, or Laughs in funny ways.  He also snacks and snacks constantly.  We have to keep a close eye on his food.

Lydia and I started a unit study on the Titanic.  We are going to special exhibit in a couple weeks at a local museum.  We are both really excited.  

Projects I am working on....

Getting lessons uploaded for Homeschool with Minecraft.  I have a couple quilts I am way behind on also.  Very frustrating.  Also trying hard to keep the house picked up.  

To try something new, I am switching all the kids to All In One Homeschool for almost all their lessons.  I am not sure how Brayden will handle this change, but I am hoping for the best.

Places we are going and people we are seeing.....

Well Monday was too cold and snowy for art class, so it was cancelled.  So was cheerleading and our basketball scrimmage were cancelled also.  But -20F is a bit  Tuesday our LEGO class was cancelled, but we were still able to have our Homeschool with Minecraft classes....good thing for the internet.  

Wednesday after being at home for 4 days, the girls and I ventured to Napoleon for piano class.  It was nice.  But that also meant no excuse not to take the boys to the dentist for their cleanings.  But that went smoother than I could've asked for.  Both boys were great.  No cavities with only a recommendation for Invisalign for Joey instead of regular braces.  Just waiting to see...I didn't think he had gaps in his teeth.  

Lydia had a fun sleepover with a friend and the girls had mini-golf play time with their troop.  Friday brought a trip to Costco to stock back up and then Friday night brought an experience for us all.  Our Special Olympics cheerleaders were invited to cheer with a local high school's cheer squad at a JV and Varsity game.  That was definitely an experience.  I figured overload would happen, and of course it did.  Joe was upset because he heard some students making fun of our athletes.  It was sad.  But the kids did have fun.

Caty also started the Young People Program that our county's Special Olympics program began this week.  For the next 5 weeks she'll be learning how to play basketball and learning team work.  She LOVED this today.  It was great.  But we have a great coordinator...he is SUPER with the kids.

Things I am cooking.....

I made pumpkin brownies earlier in the week.  They were a hit.  I need to make more.  Joey didn't even realize what he was eating.  Lots and lots of smoothies this week.  

Lydia and I made a Greek dish that was like Mousakka, but instead of eggplant you layered it with sliced potatoes.  It was a huge hit.  Joey said it was like eating sloppy joes and

Spaghetti, hamburgers, take out pizza and partially store bought (egg rolls & wontons) part hm chinese.  It wasn't a bad week.  

Things I am reading....

Nothing that doesn't have  Magic Tree House books, lots of picture books with the girls.

Pictures from our week.....

 Doing math with LEGOs.  Working on subtracting with regrouping.
 Caty made Oobleck 
 Lydia and I started learning about the Titanic.  She and I are going to see an exhibit at a local museum in a couple weeks.  So we are doing some early research before we go.
 Experiment on buoyancy with balance.  She made an aluminum foil boat and used beans to shift/disburse weight.
 This floated...
Too much weight made it sink.
 Simple pleasures of catching snowflakes.
 Playing at the bounce play area.

 Glow-in-the-dark mini-golf.

 Piano lessons
 Our cheer squad (black and silver) with the Cheerleaders from Liberty Center.
Notice Joey and Lydia in the center.  He is guiding her onto the court with his arm around her.  Surprised she didn't hit him, she doesn't like that.  But I got it on camera!!
 Joey and Lydia cheering.
 Caty playing basketball at the Young People program.  She is loving this!

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  1. Love all the pictures this week. Love Caty catching snowflakes.

  2. Everywhere I go MINECRAFT...I give and I'll have to explore it some! Visiting from Homeschool Mother's Journal to check out your minecraft class. :)

  3. What a wonderful week! I only recently heard about homeschooling with Minecraft! I've not seen yours before, though. I like that you are offering American History courses! Do you have an intro class? My 9 yo wants all things Minecraft for his birthday and I think a class would be perfect!

    1. Michelle, We offer a creative mode (for beginners) and the more advanced kids can play in survival mode. I don't really have an introduction class. But we do our best to help out everyone who signs up for our classes. My son helps kids on the servers when they might be struggling (he's our admin), and my hubby helps parents when they need help loading the games/modes, etc. We definitely try our best to make your experience wonderful and super easy.

  4. {Forgot to say that I am visiting from Carlie's HMJ link up!}