Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What we are up to this Week....Week 37

I have a menu we are loosely following, but I am completely off track this week.  And it's only the beginning of the week!!!  So I won't bore you with the details of our maple chicken, tacos and spaghetti.

Joey is starting to read the story The Lemonade War.  He seems to be enjoying it so far.  Brayden is reading the first Boxcar Children Book and I hear him laughing sometimes.  They both are using these for Reading Comprehension and Vocab also.

Joey is chugging along in multiplication....and I just keep reminding myself that all the headaches of struggling to try and help him understand it, will be worth it.  Someday he will remember the steps.  Brayden is not finding his math review challenging enough, so I'm going to up his math level back to Khan Academy next week.

In Science, the boys will start a few week study of the various systems of the human body.  We will be working on the organ systems the next two weeks.  Lydia is still working on a Skrafty homeschool class on habitats, and Joey is doing a Skrafty Homeschool class in the Periodic Table of Elements.  Caty has been working on matter.

In History, the kids are working on Spanish Explorers in the Homeschool with Minecraft Class.

All the kids will continue using various levels of All in One Homeschool.

Lydia is finishing up her unit on the Titanic since the exhibit opens this week.  We are going Friday morning to check it out.  She is also finishing up some American Girl projects and GS projects for this week.  She is practicing reading daily also.  We just finished reading the Titanic Fact Tracker from Magic Tree House and we finished the Titanic fiction book also.  I think next week we are going to start work on our Molly Brown project.

Caty is chugging along in Teach your Child to Read in 100 easy lessons.  We are working on counting and number writing in math, and very simple addition using objects.  She is also working on a project for Scouts and American Girl Club.

All the kids start 4H this week, at some level.

Here's to another busy week!!  Have a good one!!!

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  1. You always have so much on your plate, don't know how you get it all done. My kids loved studying the Titantic and we watched the movie a long night to remember (it is a black and white film) However I must have done a little to much on the unit cause now my kids won't go on a boat:(