Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Week - Week 36

What's going on in my life this week....

I am just living.  We had a very busy week with med checks, but then we got hit with bad weather so were basically forced in for a couple days.  I rather enjoyed that.  I was able to get a few things done that were on my list, but not enough.  Still feel behind constantly.  I hate that!

What's going on in our homeschool.....

Well I had all the kids use All in One Homeschool for 50% of their schoolwork.  They are doing well in their current science and history programs, so I decided again switching those out.  It would've been more work for me.  It went fairly well this week.  The only hiccup was Brayden, as usual.  But once he figured it out, and realized their was a treat at the end of the week, he sucked it up and finished his work.

Joey did not enjoy the poetry and struggled.  So I will be switching that up for him next week.  Brayden I don't think was challenged enough, so I have going to give it a couple more weeks before I switch him to a higher level.  I wanted to start it easy for him and then move him up.  Lydia did really well.  We may double up a few days to give her a bit of a challenge.  But we'll wait and see how this goes.

Caty read her first Bob book this week.  Very...very proud moment.  She looked at me and asked if I was crying.  We'll keep chugging along in her 100 Easy Lessons.  It's a little backwards of what I am used to, but she seems to be doing really well in it!!!

Lydia and I finished reading Magic Tree House Titanic book.  We are finishing the Fact Tracker for the Titanic book this weekend.  It's all in anticipation of the upcoming Titanic exhibit at our local museum  We are very excited.  I want to do a couple more experiments this week.

Projects I am working on.....

Creating new classes for our Homeschool with Minecraft March lineup.  We have had a lot of suggestions, so I am working night and day to create as much as I can.  Also been playing with the website a lot and making changes there.

I need to work harder at keeping up with house though.  I am so behind on housework yet again.  Motivated Moms is a great app so far to keep reminding me of items I need to finish, I just keep running out of time.

I am also helping plan a couple fundraisers for our Special Olympic athletes that are heading to USA games this summer.  So working on a Craft fair and a Thirty-One fundraiser.

Things I am reading.....

All school books.....all school books.  Nothing fun right now.

Things I am cooking.....

Made some chocolate paleo fudge using banana, very yummy.  We had tacos a few times. Roast, baked chicken.  We got a little off track this week because of Lydia basketball game and just life falling out of place on me.  Trying very hard to stay on track this week.  I desperately need to keep things on track as this next week is going to be a bear to keep up with.

We rewarded the kids this week....

We took them to see the LEGO movie on Friday morning.  I planned it as a homeschool event and hoped for an empty theater.  Unfortunately the weather closed schools and the theaters were PACKED.  We couldn't sit near our friends.  It was fun, but would've been so much better without the packed theater.  We all really enjoyed the movie.  I then really treated them and bought them the new LEGO Movie video game, which they LOVE!!!

Pictures from our week.....

Not a whole lot this week....

Lydia is enjoying basketball
 Lydia had a bball game Tuesday.  We all went.  All the kids got on the court at half-time and played a few minutes.

 Lydia going in for her shot.  She did get a basket :)
 The night of the game we got just at 11 inches of snow.  YUCK!!!  The ruler fell just as I took the shot.
 One of Caty's projects to go with her Berenstain Bear book, Lend a Helping Hand.  She needed to tell me how to be a good neighbor.

And I'll leave you with this...because we are all singing it and saying it now....

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