Tuesday, February 4, 2014

R is for Random Thoughts

I wanted to do something fun for this post....well maybe fun.  I am going to post some of my random thoughts for the past 24 hours.

1.  What day is it today?  Oh no....my drivers license expires Thursday.  When can I get that done with the snow storm coming?

2.  Oh no....lots of snow.  We have meds, cat food.....oh no, almost out of my potato chips.  Stop and get those today on my way home from Toledo.  (But seriously...have you tried potato chips made with avocado oil from Boulder Canyon....sooooo good!!  Don't want to be snowed in without them.  I need those to work late on Homeschool with Minecraft classes.)

3.  Note to self....about the last random thought, can I take those potato chips off our taxes the way companies take the free coffee they offer off of theirs?

4.  What's for dinner....I can't remember the menu list....Wait...What was I thinking when I planned that?  Seriously wasn't I supposed to be making dinner easier on busy days.

5.  Did I seriously just watch that youtube clip?  I just wasted 45 seconds of my life.

6.  I need chocolate....I need chocolate......

7.  Why is the word twerk allowed in Words with Friends, yet the word zoot is not.

8.  Seriously, where was Jack and Annie's parents when they were sneaking out of the house so much?!?!

9.  I'm so glad about Bates and Anna.  She can rest her mind now and heal.  But oh no...what's he going to do now?!?!

10.  I need to find time to watch this weeks episode of Downton Abbey.

11.  Do I want cilantro in my salad?

12.  Seriously....how can two kids that hardly move off their couches in their room make such a mess on the floor?!?!

13.  Did I lock the van?  Did I lock the garage door?

14.  Did I do my Bible reading this morning?  Wait did I charge my Kindle?

15.  How much longer can I put off doing my taxes?  I really don't want to tackle those!!

16.......................................(Yeah I was staring blankly at the fridge trying to remember what I just thought of.)

17.  I have to do what?!?!  Seriously!!

18.  SNOWSTORM.....AGAIN?!?!?!  YIPPPEEEE....Now I have a good excuse to cancel everything and stay at home in my pjs!  I can catch up on lessons, reorganizing, oh and maybe do the taxes.

My brain is in full shut down mode right now.  Too many little projects.

I need to spend the week tying up loose ends on them so I can start feeling just a little less nervous about getting things done.  

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