Monday, February 3, 2014

What's on Menu this week.....

Yeah...we all know this isn't  But I am trying.  I am working really hard using a new app called Motivated Moms (watch for the upcoming review).  It has been difficult to keep up with housework on top of school and the business starting.  It has been very difficult, especially with my Type A personality.

But one thing I am working on in definitely keeping our meal plan in

Here's our plan for food this busy...busy....week.  I have to say, I really am hoping for another large snowstorm so I HAVE to stay home.

L- chicken and Mushrooms with mock rice
D- Roast with hm gravy and sweet potatoes

L- burgers and fries
D- pineapple chicken with rice

L-  Packed lunch & Leftover beef roast sandwiches
D- Baked chicken w/ potatoes, carrots and celery

L- sweet potato hash w/ burgers
D- chicken and dumplings

D- Potato soup

L-Snacky lunch (going to see the LEGO movie)
D-Quesadillas and Spanish Rice

L-turkey manhattens (turkey gravy over mashed potatoes & a slice of bread)
D-Maple chicken and sweet potatoes

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

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