Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments - Week 39

In my life this week.....

Well the chest pains are getting better.  I started using essential oils to try and help with the chest swelling.  I can take deeper breathes than I could before.  I am still getting the occasional knife stabbing pain, but it's more bearable now.

We are working hard at getting the next round of Homeschool with Minecraft classes up and going.  Whew!!  This is a lot of work, but I love working with the kids.  They are so much fun when we are online.  Minecraft really takes learning to a whole new level.

In our homeschool this week.....

We were able to finish all our projects!!!  yeah!!!  Brayden was floundering toward the end there.  He spent the whole week fighting with me about doing schoolwork.  Go figure!

On Monday, we had a busy day.  We had art class in the morning, and then grandma had a nail appointment.  So the girls and I packed their schoolwork, and we stayed at the coffee shop while she was getting her nails done.  For the most part, the girls finished all their work while we were there.  Lydia also started her reading therapy Monday afternoon.  It was the first session, so I don't know what to post.  They all seemed nice.  The coordinator was very nice and did not make any derogatory marks about homeschoolers, at least to my, during our little session to talk about Lydia's strengths and weaknesses.  She'll be doing that weekly until May.  We are really hoping that this gives her a little boost that she needs to get caught up in this area.

The boys both finished their chapter books they are reading for school, and ready to move to the next ones.

Projects I am working on.....

Well decluttering some and of course, Homeschool with Minecraft March Classes and also the April ones.  I have a ton of ideas, and not enough time to get them all done.

Things we are cooking....

A little bit of everything.  We had spaghetti and salmon patties.  On the recommendation of a friend, I found Mayo that I can eat!!!  It's vegan, and tastes delicious.  Even my husband likes it.  So I had my first turkey and mayo sandwich is 3 years!!!  We baked a chicken and made brownies one night too.  One of my favorite lunches recently has been baked sweet potatoes.  Super easy and yummy.  We made turkey gravy for lunch one day too.

Caty and I made homemade marshmallows and made gf/df/sf/corn-free marshmallow treats.  YUMMY!!!  I have to remember though, this is not a real easy make-together recipe.  The temp of the sugar and the mess from the mixer....yeah the together part for a couple more years is going to be the eating part.

Photos from our week....

Caty and Lydia at Art class.  We did duct tape pictures of Matisse's Fall of Icarus.  I'll do a post on that this week sometime.

 Then it was schoolwork at the coffee shop :)
 Lydia finished up her Explorers of America History class on our Minecraft Server.
 Practicing piano
Joey's been feeling weird lately...anxiety issues.  He crashed while watching a cartoon with dad.
Caty was learning about Plants in science this week.  Saw this floating on Pinterest and she and I made it together.  Caty said the plant needed lots of roots to get more water.
Caty mixing the marshmallows.
 Mixing in the GF Rice Krispies.
 Ohhhhh....pure yumminess.
 At DIY Club the kids worked on their Botanist badge.  Caty is pulling apart a tulip to find all the parts.
 Lydia showing off her finished worksheet.  They pulled apart the flower and then matched up the pieces and glued them down.
 The kids all loved looking in the microscope.
 Joey and Lydia cheered at a local Homecoming Game Friday night.  Here is Caty and Brayden waiting on the sidelines.
 Part of our 2013-1014 Henry County Special Olympics Cheerleading Squad.
 The school we were cheering at, was Joey's old school.  He was transferred to an ED classroom here to help with his autism...yeah that didn't work out so well.  He found himself in the class picture.
 That was Joey almost 5 years ago!!!  We have been homeschooling that long?!?!  Time flies!

Hope everyone had a great week!!!


  1. I love Caty's plant so awesome! I think we need to check out your mincraft classes but I have a hard time with commitment lately!

  2. I hope your feeling better. I listened in on the minecraft class today you are doing a superb job with the kids and meeting everyone's needs;). I don't know how you accomplish it all and maintain your sanity