Monday, March 10, 2014

What we are up to this Week - Week 41

Well we sort of took last week off.  Let's just say I worked the whole week and we had a lot of electronic education.  The kids had been begging for a few days off, and by day 3 Brayden openly admitted he was bored.  Joey was asking for things to do....he for fun!!

Well this week is only a part-time week.  One reason, our educational server decided to say it was boss and didn't upload important files....which meant instead of lesson planning and family time I got to re-create all the classes for this week.  Second reason, it's the 2nd week of the month and that is the busy week of our month.  This week we have art class, reading therapy, speech therapy, piano lessons, Minecraft classes, doctor appointments, 4H meeting, zoo class, American Girl Club, Scouts and DIY Club.  Joey and Lydia also have our County's Special Olympics Homecoming which they will be cheering in and Lydia will be playing bball in.  I am cringing just looking at this week.

But we'll be working on math, some creative writing and reading this week.  They'll also be doing their Homeschool with Minecraft History Classes. This month they are learning about Life in the Colonies.  Lydia is also working on the Kaya American Girl Classes.  Caty is attempting to do the Magic Tree House Dinosaur Class.  All the kids will also be starting a Geology unit study for the next month to help them earn their master patch from DIY Club.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  See you Saturday at Week in Review!!!

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