Friday, March 28, 2014

Y is for Yada Yada

Boy am I finding myself busy. Busy to the point of physical and mental exhaustion.  I am talking to the point of not being able to keep normal conversations straight in my head.  All I hear is "yada...yada....what are we going to eat....yada....yada...."

As I am typing this post, I actually went to bed a little after 11 last night, woke up to my 5:30 am alarm.  Now at 6:30, after working a little bit....I am back to mental exhaustion.  I should also mention that I was woke up by the kittens, Caty and Joey several times throughout the night.  So it doesn't help that I am unable to have uninterrupted sleep.

I don't know how familiar you are with fibromyalgia, but it really messes with you.  It's not only painful to just move most days, but I also have the brain fog.  When I get really stressed, I start feeling like I am walking in a fog.  I really start to feel personally what some of my sensory kids feel like all the time.  I just want to cover my ears and start rocking too.

When these things happen, I feel myself get angry quicker.  I snap sarcastically at the smallest of things.  I feel like crying, and I snack constantly to stay awake.

The mental & physical exhaustion also makes it so that I cannot get myself motivated to exercise.  That means that one of my ways of feeling better is not getting done.  Jogging is really a great mood improvement for me.  Yada...yada...yada....What did you say again?

I am working hard at keeping a positive attitude.  Here are some of the ways that I try to get myself back into clearer thinking....

1.  Think sunshine.  Sunshine...Vitamin D necessary.  It's amazing how much better you feel after being out in the sunshine for just a bit.  Too cold outside.  Sit in front of a living room window, soak in some rays.
2.  Brain Aid.  I am learning about essential oils, and really want to take a course on using them effectively and properly.  Plant Therapy has a mix called Brain Aid that I really like.  The smell at first is a bit overwhelming, but I find that it really brings my focus back.  Some days I diffuse it (to the benefit of the whole family) and other days I dab a bit on my neck.
3.  Get up and just move a bit.  Sometimes I just need to get up and walk around a bit.  No matter how stressed I am about finishing a project, maybe get up and fold a few pieces of clean laundry (while standing), walking on the treadmill for a few minutes, pick up the living room.  Spend 15 minutes doing something different in order to get myself back on track.
4.  A friend recommended a new homeopathic lotion made with arnica.  I had never heard of it.  I now use it to help alleviate some of the pains which allows me to redirect my attention from pain to what needs to be accomplished.  I have only been doing this a couple weeks, but when my back is really hurting and I rub some of the lotion on, I can usually stop thinking about the pain and redirect my attention back to my project.
5.  Play a brief game with the kids.  Laugh a little.  A quick 15-20 minute game with one of the kids means the world to them and refreshes my brain at the same time.

These are some things that help me.  Some days I just completely give up trying to control my thoughts and fog.  Do you have any tricks that help keep you on track mentally?

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