Sunday, March 23, 2014

What we are up to this Week - Week 43

It's going to a busy week.  Art class, 4H meeting, reading therapy, Homeschool with Minecraft school, Piano...and some fun weekend plans.  Need to cram a bunch in this week.

Joey is going to continue working on his weather study unit.  This is going to be his 4H project, so we are working on "extra" outside our normal unit study material.  He's actually talking the online weather spotter training.  He is working on Multiplication.....very early skills.  Hoping something is clicking because he is struggling in this area terribly.  If his is able to focus, he's able to remember steps.  But if he is struggling in anyway focus wise....forget it.  He won't remember his own name.  This is the last week of learning about Colonial Life in Homeschool with Minecraft.  He is also going to be working on a vocabulary books to help him reinforce words in his speaking ability.  We're also going to start working on his speech for the 4H speaking competition.  He'll be finishing his assigned reading book this week, Bunnicula.  I think he is going to start Hunger Games next.  We'll wait and see.  I also thought about Mrs. Frisby or Wind in the Willows.  I'm torn between these 3.

Brayden will be finishing up his science unit on the human body.  We may change his self-determined project to a project on blood and the human heart.  I need to check on this Monday at the meeting.  Brayden has been doing well using Saxon Math, so we are sticking with what is working for him.  He has another week in his assigned reading book.  We need to pick his next book, so going to start researching this week. Any suggestions?   He'll continue working in his vocabulary workbook also.

Lydia is using CTC math also.  I am using it in combination with math review.  She may be starting Saxon Math also.  I am researching it.  She is enjoying some language arts/grammar/reading pages I bought from Teachers Pay Teachers by the Moffat Girls.  She is going to keep going on these.  In Science we'll be starting her geology study unit.  History....same as Joey.  In her Art Journal, we'll be talking about illustrating a story.  We'll start with something easy, like breaking her page into 4 squares and drawing the life cycle of a flower (in honor of spring).  She'll also be working in her art journal for her Bible stories.

Caty is going to start a study on sound, using Magic School bus videos and books.  In Math, she'll also be using  She liked getting the feedback last week.  So YEAH!!  She is excited to be learning about addition.  Still working in our 100 Easy Lessons book.  Very slowly, I don't want her to feel overwhelmed.  But she is doing pretty good with it.  So we'll be working some more on beginning sounds this week too.

All the kids will be using the Discovery Educational Streaming site this week.  We are checking it out and see if it will work for our family.  If we like it, it would save me over $150.00 a year because of the difference between a service we currently use and the cost of Discovery Educational Streaming.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!  See you this weekend!

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