Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our Week.....Week 42

In my life this week....

Same old, same old.  I have been working non-stop on just about anything and everything that needs to get done.  It's been very frustrating to be sooooo exhausted and not be able to see much progress in any areas of life.

In our homeschool.....

It's our first full week back of "textbook" learning.  Minus the hiccups from Brayden staying up 40+ hours straight, we were able to finish all our school work and Bible study time :)  I am very proud of their hard work.

Projects I have been working on.....

Organizing...organizing....organizing.  I just feel so overwhelmed by the clutter.  The endless list of projects.  It has been a little crazy in life.  I have had to accept a lot of reality this past couple weeks about the future.  It's hard because I knew these things in the back of my mind, yet didn't want to face them.  But hey...that's the life you live when you are dealing with autism.

On our menu this past week....

Joey has been upset the past couple weeks.  I haven't made a weekly menu.  Normally he checks it daily.  Well I have been struggling in this organization area.  It also bugs me when he gets so upset if I need to make a menu change.  It totally throws him off if I need to make a meatloaf on a night that says chicken.

We had baked burgers, baked potatoes, roast, steak and hashbrowns.


To get back into my regular exercise routine.  I have spent weeks getting back on my Bible reading schedule.  I figure it will take me weeks to get back into my routine.

I have tried to start reading Divergent...yet again.  But usually am so exhausted only get one or two paragraphs done a week.

Photos from our week....

We had a field trip to learn about Maple Syrup.  We learning about the Native Americans and Maple syrup and how to tap trees, etc.  Here's Caty trying to drill.
 We had American Girl Club.  The girls made Pennants (we are reading Kit right now)

 And padded notebook journals.
 Caty got some great new games at our family party last week.  She loves this one.
Brayden learned about blood this week.  Even with his trouble sleeping, he managed to get most of his work done.
 Lydia working on her Grammar sheets.
 Joey working on his CTCmath program (watch for the upcoming review).
 Lydia learned about symmetry.  He kind of understood the concept, and was going for full symmetry here, but missed it just a little.
 This picture did not have symmetry.
 Lydia helped me admin the Xbox Minecraft class this week.  She is my new helper.
 We had DIY club this week.  We are working on our Geology badge.
 She is loving her new laptop.  Taking advantage of the coffee shop internet while we wait for ballet to start.
 Caty and I were drawing while waiting on ballet to start.
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