Thursday, March 20, 2014

Comic Strip Art

We have been going with child-led art classes.  I let the kids decide the lessons and I plan around what they would like to do.  (This is our bi-weekly co-op class.)

Well the kids decided they wanted to try creating cartoons.

First we talked about the steps to create a Comic strip.

1.  Think about the story/dialogue you want
2.  Create/Draw your characters....are you going to humans, animals or both
3.  Give the characters names
4.  Come up with your setting
5.  Come up with your plot
6.  Make sure to have a response to the scene you set
7.  Make sure you have a chain of reactions that make people want to keep reading
8.  End the comic...make it memorable
9.  Get familiar with comedy...reactions people have to humor

I showed them different frame styles and they chose what they wanted to use.  Did you know that the larger boxes contain the most dramatic parts of a comic?  So they chose whether they wanted to drama to happen in the beginning, middle or end.

But these were some of the finished or semi-finished products....

It was a great class.  They were very proud of their comics.  Next up....sculptures!!!

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