Wednesday, March 19, 2014

X is for Xystus

X is for Xystus.....What is Xystus?

Xystus....a Greek architectural term denoting the covered portico of a gymnasium

As I was trying to come up with an X post, I came across this word.  It made me think about spring.

So after living in this cold tundra of a winter where we have broken snow records that are 36 years old.  So far this winter we have had over 90 inches of snow!!  We have set temperature records keeping us colder than Alaska.  It has been a rough...rough winter.

So the thought of a patio...made me think of spring.  Our back deck, the pool and schooling out on the patio.  The girls with their easels set up painting freely (and who cares about the mess).

I can't wait for jogging in the early morning.

Walks to the library.

Walks in the park where we work on identifying trees and birds.

Picnics in the park too.

Barbecuing in the backyard.

Planting flower beds.

And...yes....mowing the lawn.  I can't wait to mow the lawn!!! (Not trim the shrubs...I don't want to be near electric hedge trimmers ever again.  My finger is still a little sore from those stitches.)

We are very fortunate to have a back patio area that has a cover.  So we can school on the patio table and really be outside.  The girls and I really enjoy sitting out there working on all our lessons....our wireless works out there too.  I usually have a small box or bag that I load with supplies and our daily lessons so I don't have to keep running in and out of the house.

This year we found a used Barbie jeep for the girls so they have two Hot Wheels vehicles to drive in the yard.  Can't wait until the bikes are out.

The last few years I didn't really think a lot about spring/summer outdoor activities, but this winter has kept us locked up so much that I have been thinking about it more.

I am also planning some field trips where there is outside walking.  We'll be visiting Milan, Ohio to visit the birthplace of Thomas Edison.  I'm working on setting up others, but none set in stone yet.  I think a couple trips to neighboring zoos that we haven't been too yet.

What are you planning for the upcoming Spring?

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