Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Week - Week #51

It was a very busy week.  Joe was in Dallas this week, and so I had to finish or attempt to survive the week without our normal tag-team style.  Oh what a week......I survived, the kids survived.  It actually wasn't horrible.  We have had worse weeks, but I definitely felt outnumbered all week.

Caty's allergies bugged her horribly, and now Brayden's have really kicked in too.  Unfortunately Caty's ears were not handling the congestion well enough, so she now has a double ear infection.  It explains her mood this week.  I knew she wasn't feeling well, but she doesn't always tell me when and where she is hurting.  She'll argue with me, so I just kept asking her.  Knew something was wrong, so I made her an appointment to just get checked out.

We spent the week learning about North Carolina for State Geography.  We didn't get it all done, so we'll continue next week.  I absolutely love this State Geography drawing series I bought a few years ago.

 We got out a map and colored all the states that we have been in the last few years.

 We made North Carolina BBQ and sweet potato pie to go with our State Geography study.
We studied Noah and the Ark and discussed what we would do if Jehovah asked us to do something that everyone around us would make fun of.  Then Caty and I built an ark.  Joey tried, but the glue drove him crazy.

Not perfect, but she really enjoyed doing this.  Next we'll start learning about Abraham.

I broke down and took them to Chuck E Cheese.  When we lived in Indiana, our mom's club met there weekly.  We lived 5 minutes from a location, so went there to play a lot.  But Caty and Lydia were raised an hour from the closest one.  So Caty has been begging to go back and play.  We went after their med checks, they were so excited!

 The place as almost empty.  So I actually got to play with each of the kids on some games.  

 Of course Brayden wanted nothing to do with socializing.  So he stayed happily at the table with his iPad.
We planted some snap dragons that Caty picked out.
 A great homeschool mom planned a field trip to Petco to learn about the various habitats that we need to set up for different pets.  The girls did a scavenger hunt to find what new pets need and how much it costs to start.
 Caty started riding lessons again.  She was in love.

 We went with daddy to the Park Friday evening.  They missed him and he missed them while he was gone.  They had a lot of fun.

We had a nice week.  I am working on a less structured educational style for the girls, who don't want the extreme structure.  Yet I have Joey who crave that structure and checklist.  So as we adjust to our new life the next few months, watch our adventures and the changes we have coming.

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  1. Looks like a great week :) I hope your little one starts feeling better soon. That's how I know mine is sick too. He starts getting really grumpy and emotional. He'll say he's fine but Mama's know better :)