Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our Week - Week 48

What a week!!!  We are in Houston this week with Joe.  He is traveling again and this is our first week back in that mode.  I have never been to Texas, but tried to prep the best I could in a short amount of time.  I wanted to explore, relax and get work done.  Well we explored, I didn't relax and I got minimal work done.

We did do school work this week.  Since we will be traveling more now, I needed to come up with an easy way to carry schoolwork without an entire suitcase just dedicated to school stuff.  So I organized 4 backpacks/bags for the kids.  One for each child.  I made sure their schoolwork was in there with a checklist and whatever books they needed.  I made sure to have copies of all their worksheets and favorite pens/pencils also.  I had a small lunch sack that held the children's supplies perfectly.

We also pack a suitcase with kitchen items we use a lot.  Knives, skillet, pot, and some of the kids favorite items, just in case we can't find them there.  Of course, they usually find something else and 80% of the time I don't use these items.  But they are there, just in case.

A lot of our life has to be planned as a "just in case".  Because if Brayden misses something that he is used too, he will destroy a day very quickly.

I do think that he may have broken himself of his obsession with his mini-fan.  But we will wait and see how that goes this next week.  I may forget to unpack it and see what happens.  Caty also broke herself, we think, of her pacifier.  Although she is like Tommy from Rugrats and has stuff hidden everywhere.  

We did finish up all the schoolwork I had down for them to complete.  (I was nice though and kept it to a minimum.)  And we saw some great museums, which I will be blogging about this upcoming week.

Brayden had fun playing on his laptop all week.  He refused to get in the pool so he would play in the lounge area where I could see him.

We had to take Daddy shopping for a new belt while we were here.  So the girls found new sunglasses and sandals at the mall too.

Baking in the hotel room....gluten free allergen friendly chocolate chip cake pops.
Being silly at lunch while we waited for the van to get fixed.
The manager at our hotel was so nice.  She gave these to each of the kids.  They loved it.

Our last night, we drove to Galveston and ate on the beach.
 The music at the restaurant and the wind was a bit much for Brayden, but he loved the food.
 The girls loved a play area.
Doing schoolwork in the hotel room between museums.

We had a great week.  As always it was full of ups and downs.  But that is what life is all about!!

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