Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Week - Week 50

In my life this week......

Well I discovered yet another food allergy.....bananas and avocados.  Sad thing is I use bananas as an egg substitute and I LOVE avocados.  I feel like crying.  I also discovered that I am extremely sensitive to our cats.  It has been allergy central for me this week.

I am catching up from our quick trip to Wisconsin this week and prepping for next week's two week trip to North Carolina.  Lots and lots of changes for us and a few adjustments to our schooling style.  But we are going to get to see all kinds of great things.  We are home this week for doctor appointments.

In our homeschool.....

We schooled as usual while we were gone, but I did let them off the hook one day for schoolwork because we did so much site-seeing in one day.

The hotel we were at had a Club Lounge where the kids could set up and do their work.

Projects I am working on.....

I am cleaning out my curriculum shelves.  They are piled full again!!  I am also trying to get all the lessons for this month's Homeschool with Minecraft Classes uploaded.  There are a ton of new classes this month.  I need to limit the number of new classes next month.  I'm having a hard time keeping up.

I am also working on a meal plan for traveling and updating our packing list for our upcoming travels.

What I am Reading.....

Well I am reading two books right now.

What I am cooking.....

I found a recipe for coconut flour flatbread I am trying this week.  It's a work in progress since the original recipe had egg in it.  We also will be traveling without an oven, so I need a way to make good tasting bread in a skillet for myself.  

Pictures from our week.....

The kids thought it was great eating over the turnpike at the rest areas in Illinois.
 The girls and I hanging out in the hot tub one night.
 The Henry Villas Zoo in Madison is GREAT!!!  We went twice that week.
 Chilling out in the room with technology.
 Caty playing Nick Jr. on the Lounge laptop while I was on Minecraft classes.
 Brayden playing his iPad while watching Cartoon Network.  They have such a rough life.
 They had the pool to themselves all week.
 Our schoolwork.  A bag for each kiddo and a small lunch box inside the one bag that carries the supplies (crayons, scissors, glue, etc.)
 We visited some fun places while in Madison......
 They had a crow's nest that we could climb and learn about the flags they would fly to send messages.

 The Veteran's Museum in Downtown Madison is a great educational experience (unless you have a 6 year old having a meltdown).  Great exhibits and interesting reading.

 Caty and her cheese hat.  She was so happy to finally find one!!!

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