Saturday, June 21, 2014

North Carolina History Museum Visit

Our lives are continually changing.....we discovered such a great museum in downtown Raleigh, NC.  You know my love of history, and this place was the BEST!

This is one of 50 Liberty Bell replicas.  Lydia noticed that there was no crack.

 The motley crew making their way to the museum.

 This was a car that was actually raced by Dale Earnhardt.

 There was a lot on Native American history.
 Dugout canoe
 A section on Blackbeard.

 Bell rung in the Revolutionary War.
 Solider uniform
 Doing pioneer chores.  Milking a cow
 Tobacco leaf
 Feeling how heavy a bucket of water is.

 Great section on the Civil War.
 A great section on Segregation and the KKK.

 A piece of the Wright Brothers plane.
 Helmet damaged in WWI
 Solider Joe

 This costume was worn in Hunger Games.  The tribute scene was filmed in Charlotte.  North Carolina is a huge movie place.
 Playing with the pioneer toy she found at the museum... a climbing Kitty.

This was a fun museum.  I wish that the pirate section was bigger.  But it was fun.  It was also a great value since it is free admission!  Highly recommend a visit.

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