Friday, June 20, 2014

Our Week - Week 3

I am settling into life as a single parent during the week.  I am working at juggling all the kids and all the little issues.  There's always so much to do everyday.  I never feel like I am getting all done that I need to accomplish, but I keep trying.

This week we had a field trip with our 4H group to Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery.  It's a local farm that raises goats and makes the best cheese!  Brayden wouldn't leave the van.  Caty was grouchy.  What an evening.  But we survived.

Monday we had Homeschool with Minecraft classes.  So I spent most of the day online.  It was a dinner take-out night.

Tuesday we went to see a movie with some friends.  That was fun!  And a great break :)

On Wednesday we did the rest of our schoolwork for the week.  It was a short week.  We started a new science curriculum, well new to us again.  It's been a couple years.  But it's time to cycle through again.

This week we worked on layers of the earth and reviewing continent names/ocean names.

 Lydia, Caty and I learned about John Audubon.  Then we painted owl pictures.  I even joined in on this fun.

 My finished owl.
 Caty didn't want to do an owl, she did her own thing.
 They played in the pool.
 This was Caty's favorite thing this week.  Painting and listening to Netflix on her iPad.
It really hit me hard this week that Joey and Brayden are not progressing as much as I would like in school.  So I am now following the doctor's suggestion of maintaining what skills they have and hopefully something clicks soon and they may make more progression.

We had a fairly good week.  New spelling curriculum for Lydia, and math too.  New science for all.  Everything turned out pretty well.

Today I packed and cleaned getting ready for our next adventure.  Watch what's coming up as the Kuehner Klan hits NYC :)

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