Wednesday, June 25, 2014

North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

Another great museum to visit in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Lots of hands-on exhibits.  They have great displays of animals native to North Carolina.  And best of's free admission to anyone!!

 This special exhibit was extra, but it was fun and worth it.

 Yes...that's me on the zip line.  Want to talk about upper body workout!

 Scents of the rainforest.
 Looking at feathers under the microscope.
 Howler Monkey skeletons
 Gotta make a penny :)
 Narcissist green tree python
 A Hellbender
 Buggy Joe
 Butterfly house (in the museum and no extra charge)

 Cashew tree
 Learning about deep sea diving in mini-subs.

 Learning about weather forecasting

 Learning about the ecology of North Carolina's coastline
 He's got the whole world on his shoulders :)
 Great White Shark Jaw!  We watched the 3D movie on the Great White also.  Lydia loves to learn about sharks.

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