Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Week - #52

Holy Cow!!!  It was our last week of school!  We are in Raleigh, North Carolina this week and next.  I am overhauling schoolwork as normal.  Some things have been working and others have not been working for the kiddos.

On our travels and adventures, we are going to start journaling more.  I am going to let the girls pick their topics of study.  I am giving on everything except math.  Math is too important and I will just be creative in how we present it.

We did some games this week.  I brought Boggle with us.  Lydia is really working on spelling so that she can use the chat box in Minecraft and Animal Jam.  She is doing really well using her word ladder workbook, so I thought it was time to pull out the Boggle game.  She whined and whined, until she realized she knew the answers.  Then she had a lot of fun with it.

Caty worked on Reading Eggs.  She did really well copying her sight words.  Then she and I built an airplane kit while we watched a video on the Wright Brothers.  We were learning about them while we are here in North Carolina.  In September we are going to the Wright Brothers exhibit in Kitty Hawk.
 Lydia working on her journal entry about giraffes.
 Caty was bored, and wanted to go to the hotel gym.  I need to put a tv on our treadmill at home.  I can get Brayden to walk more.
 The kids have done a lot of swimming this week.  Nice outside pool.
We visited a great Science/Nature museum in downtown Raleigh.  We also visited the Marbles Children's Museum.  Saw 3D movies on Lemurs and Great White Sharks.  Been a busy week!  Looking forward to the start of our official new school year and celebrating all the kids have done.  We have assessments scheduled for when we get back from North Carolina.  

Hope everyone had a great year too!

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