Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our Week .... Changes are Coming!! - Week 2

So it has been one of those emotional weeks.  I haven't felt great, my allergies have been off the charts.  But as the only parent home, I don't have the option to quit.  I just have to try and keep up the best I can.  So I decided this week, that I need some MAJOR reorganization in my life.  I need to simplify.  My body is screaming at its limitations right now and it definitely let me know that I maxed out those limits this week.  So working on making changes :)

Our life is going to full of major adjustments.  Joe has taken a new job and is traveling several weeks a year.  We are able to go with him on the majority of his trips, so we are going to take advantage of all that we can.  We get to stay with daddy and stay together as a family that way.  Its a lot of work for me, but we are enjoying this so far.  In the past month we have seen some amazing things, and definitely looking forward to what is to come.

This week we had a two curriculum trunk sales going on.  I did get rid of a ton of books, but still have a ton. I wish I would've taken a picture of how crammed I had my van and one day my mom came with me since I couldn't fit everything and the kids in the van.  She came and let me fill her truck up too.  I have a few boxes sorted for Goodwill, and then I am planning a big household reduction sale in August.  We have simply accumulated too much stuff....and I come from a long family line of pack rats.  Unfortunately it is genetic.  I just need to attend a couple support groups to get some

This week I planned out our school work till the first part of October.  I also finished buying a couple bunches of curriculum that I hadn't decided upon yet.  Joey is using a new math program from Beast Academy.

We are also changing up science, grammar, and health.....trying group classes again.  Which means I am re-working my schedule.  It's something I MUST do.  I get working on my laptop and then get sucked in on questions and posts on Facebook....and then I never finish what I need to do.  So that is another area of change I am working on.  This means I turned off notifications on my smart phone also.

Lydia learned that she gets to go to horseback riding competition in August.  So we are trying to get ready for that, which means some extra practices since she decided to ride English style.  So new clothes also.  Several deep breaths this week to take in all the extra work I will need to arrange in our schedule for this excitement.

We had our assessments done also.  In the state of Ohio you can either have your child's work assessed by a certified teacher or do standardized testing and turn in the results.  We have chosen to do assessments by a certified teacher.  So we did that and got our paperwork to turn into our district.  Just need to send in all the paperwork now for the kiddos for this upcoming year.

We are planning a 3-week visit to NYC coming up.  Joe has to do work there, so the kids and I are making our plans of what we want to do.

Keep watching as I start blogging more and more about our Krazy Adventures.  There will be ups and downs, but we are excited about what is ahead of us.

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