Monday, June 16, 2014

Weird & Wacky Roadside Attractions

I am the type of person that loves to stop at weird roadside attractions.

Tallest spool of yarn, I would love to see it.  Smallest ladybug on record....why yes, we'll stop and see what that looks like.  Most of the time though, I control myself.  Joe and the kids do not always enjoy doing that kind of stuff.  But every once in a while, yep we stop at that kind of stuff.

Our recent trip included a few wacky attractions......

Big Walker Lookout

 The view from the top.

 We climbed that swaying tower and survived!

We had a picnic by the Ohio River.

Next we decided we needed to walk for about 20 minutes and use the we visited Tamarack in West Virginia.  You can't drive through West Virginia without seeing signs for this place every few miles.  The signs kept my interest.  It's a very cool place.  Lots of art by local artisans.  You can even watch them make their creations.

We couldn't resist.  But we did read the plaque and the statue was dedicated to those who lost their lives while building the tunnels along the road.  So we talked about the dangers, and tried to think why the artist chose this pose.  We couldn't really answer that last one.

Raleigh, North Carolina is known as "the City of Oaks".  This large acorn displayed in Moore Square is dropped on New Years each year.
This sand castle also in Moore Square was still standing from the recent arts festival.  It was very neat to see and a great design.

We also stopped in Beckley, WV and visited/went into a Coal Mine....but that's for a post later in the week.

That was almost all of the weird and wacky for this trip, if you are looking for weird and wacky, watch the roadsigns.  If trying to plan ahead, visit Roadside America for the area you are visiting.  Another great way to find places is to google, "off the beaten path (and then add the area's name).

Watch for more of our wacky adventure from our minivan.....

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  1. So fun, I dont know if I could have made it up that tower!