Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Unofficial Brick Museum Tour

We recently, finally, took the opportunity to visit the Unofficial Brick Museum in Bellaire, Ohio.  You would've thought, "Hey they live in Ohio.  They have a membership."  But nope, that's not the case.  It's actually quite a drive to get there, Ohio is a large state.

The Unofficial Brick Museum is home to thousands of LEGO creations.  Many of them donated by LEGO fans or purchased for display.

 Joey was so excited to see the Tranformers series.

 There was an area where the kids could build and leave their creation to be displayed.

This was Brayden's favorite displays.

 They had Duplos on display.

Even original LEGO company toys.  The kids were amazed at these.

 They had a LEGO movie playing.  Brayden found a quiet spot to chill.

 Joey still loves Bionicle Legos.

 I was amazed at these ships.

 A model of a bridge near where we live.
 A zoo

 A factory set up.

 One of Caty's favorite displays.

More original toys.

This was a wonderful visit.  There are hundreds, possibly several thousand items both small and large on display.  I barely touched the amount of photos I took.  So if you are driving through Ohio or live in Pennsylvania or West Virginia, this makes a fun day trip.

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