Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our New School Year --- Week 1

Wow!  We finished our first week of school.  It was a very laid back week.  Three of the kids liked this, but one did not.  He was very freaked out by that.  So I am going back to emailing him his daily lessons.

We will be working at getting our new lifestyle in place.  We will be traveling a lot with daddy.  So that is why I was attempting to go with a more laid back style for the next few months.  Guess there will be a lot more juggling than I planned.

I am going to be using the Old Schoolhouse "Big Mama" planner to try and keep myself organized.  We are going to attempt to some subjects together also, like science.

For Math, I just ordered Joey a new program from Beast Academy.  He is not ready for Algebra, so this program looks to be covering some topics that he has not covered yet or needs some extra help in.  Plus it's math based on a comic book...seriously!  Who wouldn't like that!  This is going to have to be a win.  Lydia picked out a plain-old math book at the Homeschool store last week.  I gave her options, and let her choose.  I am hoping there's less fighting that way.  She saw the Beast Academy stuff though and thinks she might want to switch to that when she sees how it works.  Both Brayden and Caty will continue to use Math Made Easy along with games.

For History, yep you guessed right, Homeschool with Minecraft history classes.

For Science...a little mix.  We are using Christian Kids Explore - Earth and Space as more of a group.  But Lydia and Caty are also using Christian Liberty Nature Reader series.  I also picked this one up at a book sale yesterday for Lydia.  She gobbles up animal books that she can read, and these so far have been at her level.

Grammar......Joey, Brayden and Lydia will all be using Growing with Grammar.  Lydia also picked out a small workbook on Grammar at the Book store last week.  She is going to start learning how to type up stories.  Joey is also going to do the Creative Writing class from Homeschool with Minecraft.

Art....It's going to be a combination of Artistic Pursuits  and Homeschool with Minecraft art classes.

Spelling....I am going to switch Lydia to Soaring with Spelling and Vocabulary.  But I am also looking at Syllable Savvy.

Reading.....Caty and Lydia are both doing Reading Eggs.  But I am supplementing Caty with Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy lessons.  The boys are not doing "official" reading curriculum.  I printed a list of 100 classic books for middle school students, and the boys will be working their way through that list this year.  I believe the first classic is going to be either Tom Sawyer or Treasure Island.  Still sorting that one out.  Joey is finishing a book already.

Lots of reading, and eventually by mid-year, Lydia and Caty and I will be working on Prairie Primer.  I might include the boys too if they would like.

Lydia has been collecting classic books she wants to read.  So I am hoping this is a good sign.  Lydia is attempted a bit of a journal for her schoolwork.  I am helping her write up animal facts and she uses it to do her math also.  (Her math book is not a consumable item, so I write up problems from the text as we are working on the lesson.)

Some supplements we will be using:
Learning Palette
Animal Jam
All-in-One-Homeschool - Easy Peasy

and I am sure we will be adding to this list over the next few weeks.

Hope everyone has a wonderful year!!!

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