Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hanging out in NYC

Not all of our trips are just about education.  We found plenty of hanging out to do while we were in NYC.

One day we were taken in the wrong direction by our GPS and ended up at Rockefeller Center.  So we visited the LEGO Store.

 Saw the new Jeff Koons Rocker sculpture.
 And of course we had to go to American Girl Store.

 There was a large jacuzzi tub which Caty absolutely loved.
 We did school work and art in the room.
Lydia LOVES the movie Big.  So we visited FAO Schwartz

 She adopted a little one from the Madama Alexander nursery.

 And there is a COOL Lego section there.

 We danced on the Big Piano.

Lydia loved that we were by the Plaza Hotel....she said she could hear Nanny and Eloise.

We hung out in Central Park one day also.
 Leaving their mark in Central Park.

 Alice and Wonderland statue
 Sailing boats in the Boat Pond.....I kept looking for Stuart Little.

 Caty thought she was pretty.  She only moved when people dropped money in her box.
 It was HOT!!  So the girls cooled off in a play area.

 Beauty through the park
 Another street performer.  Caty said his music was amazing in the tunnel.
 Then we hung out in Central Park Zoo.  This zoo was a bit of a disappointment considering the cost.  But we did see the Penguin house ... lol.
Watching the Sea Lions
 The children's zoo section
 And there was plenty of food cart snacking of hot dogs, pretzels and ice cream.

 Climbing in Central Park
 It looked like so much fun, that mom decided to climb too.  Oh wait a Caty freaked mommy out and she went and joined them.
 Puppet show
There were these characters all over the city.  Some were freaky and others were weird.  They all wanted tips.

NYC was full of new experiences for all of us!

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