Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our Week - Week 9

What a was a sucky autoimmune issue week.  It really kicked my butt.  Constant pain.  Brain Fog....and really felt like I had the flu the entire week.  But life goes on, so I used whatever essential oils I could think of and just kept chugging along.

Sunday we went with Daddy to Navy Pier.  That was an interesting time.  But exhausting.  So we really just hung out at the hotel this week.  There wasn't much we were really wanting to see in Chicago.  We have been to so many museums this summer, that we really decided to chill.

We did schoolwork everyday, except Monday.  Monday was more of a laid back and reading day.  We had Minecraft club.

Caty is heavy into science kits right now.  When we ran home over the weekend for a few hours, I grabbed a Magic School Bus Science kit that I had hidden for her.  She was so excited to get started on it.  In fact, she finished it in two days...we worked on it early Sunday morning and finished it Monday afternoon.  And that was only because I made her stop working on the activities and just start watching some Magic School Bus.

 Making our solar system

When I went to the grocery store, I inadvertently went to a Mexican specialty store.  Great prices and some awesome, unusual foods.  So I looked and decided to buy some lychees to try.

 Lydia and I looked up how to peel lychees and where they grow.
 She was very excited to get to do this.  She ate a whole bunch of them.

 She was so proud of herself, we had to save some for when daddy got home so that she could show him and have him try them.

 More science with Caty.  Showing the sun/moon shadow with the earth.
 Solar beads

 Caty is really into copywork right now.  She craves to copy stuff.  It's her thing.  She is copying a page she just read in her McGuffey Reader.
 And she LOVES the Life of George game.  This really turned into art all week.  Instead of drawing or coloring her art projects, she would build whatever the project was.  I didn't argue.  She was enjoying herself and she was really using those critical thinking skills.  She needed to look at a picture and try to build it.
 We found a new program last week called Turtle Diary.  She has been practicing math on there the last couple weeks.  It's a free program.  She feels control that she needs while playing these games, so I just keep working with her on them.
She loved the closet in our hotel.  She took her copywork in there today and did it.  She was also watching her tablet in there.  She felt it was her little room.
 This was daily gym class....everyone but Brayden loves swimming.
Brayden finished listening to Dr. Doolittle this week.  That was his reading.  He actually finished his schoolwork daily.  With minimal arguing....He at least met the bare minimum this week.  I am grateful for that.  Brayden and Joey are totally different in that Brayden wants to write his sentences and spelling words, while Joey wants to type everything.  Joey is learning and will give me a paragraph or two about a topic, but Brayden will only tell me about topics...he won't write them.  Just something that we will have to work on with him.

Lydia started Click N Read Spelling this week, along with their Phonics.  I noticed in her reading that she is still struggling to get the blends correct, so it's a refresher and then I just combined spelling into one program (to help me out  She likes the program so far.  She is using it along with Discovery K12.  

Joey did great this week.  He is still working on Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.  He is really enjoying a program that we will be reviewing next week called Mathletics.  He is doing really well following the Discovery K12 format.  So we are going to keep sticking with it.  He's also using Beast Academy still for math.

All the kids finished their Barnes and Noble reading program this week.  We have been downloading a lot of books using the Amazon Unlimited.  I am liking that new Amazon feature.  But I'm also an Amazon Addict....I wonder if there's a support group for that?

We are heading home this week yet.  Maybe we'll have a full at home week.  We'll wait and see.

Hope everyone had a great week!!!

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