Sunday, August 3, 2014

Visiting the Bronx Zoo

Our tour guides for the day
 First stop...of course....the Butterflies and Insects

Beautiful Aston building

 We rode the monorail through Wild Asia.

 The rhino had the right idea

Lydia was so excited to see these horses.  We had just studied about them a couple weeks before.  To see them like this in person was wonderful!!! The Wild horses of Mongolia - Przewalski's horses

 A Dwarf Mongoose

 We saw baboons just start running out of no where like something was chasing was an unbelievable sight.
Checking for the Mandarins
 A new one for us .... A titi monkey
 A quick visit to Madagascar

This gorilla seemed to be posing so that we could take pictures by him.

 Checking out how to help tigers

Having a snack
 We enjoyed a 4D Ice Age Adventure

A fun adventure for the girls....a camel ride

It was so hot and humid :)

This is one of our favorite zoos that we have visited in a while.  There were lots of animals to see.  If you go to the Bronx Zoo, plan for an all day adventure.  We spent almost 7 hours there and still missed the bird section.

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