Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Night.....I mean Day at the Museum

Joe and I really liked the Night at the Museum movies, so we really wanted to take the kids to the Natural History Museum while we were in New York.  They even offer a Night at the Museum tour checkoff list so that you can find all the exhibits that expired parts of the first movie.  

I decided I didn't want to drive and find parking at the Museum that day, so this was our mode of transportation.

 Along with a bus transfer.....
 And then a subway ride.  It's really amazing that it took us over an hour to get there....and we were only 8 miles from our hotel.
 The subway station was beautiful
Another tourist was kind enough to take our picture out front (that was when we spotted the SWAT team heading into Central Park dressed in full armor...we got inside the museum quickly)....

 The dinos that meet you in the entrance.
 Throw him a bone!

 There were lots of interactive exhibits for the kids to play with.

 This was displayed on an expedition to the Gobi desert when the first dinosaur eggs were found.
 Primate section

 Wonderful Native American Section....we had a great time checking this out.  It was great review from our American Girl Kaya study.

 Games and toys that would be played.

 Baby Carrier
 How they hunted sometimes...
 Salmon drying racks
 Children's sled
 The Pacific Peoples section

We forgot gum-gum for the Easter Island statue.
 Elephants....one of Caty's favorite.
 The Watering Hole

 The Rainforest area

 Teddy Roosevelt
 This museum was amazing!!!  The amount of species you could look at was unbelievable!!!
Beautiful Blue Whale!
 Laying under the whale!!
 Elephant seal
 Giant Sequoia tree slab!

 Totem Pole

I love museums where kids can see items that we have studied about and they remember it.  This museum is FULL of those experiences.  In fact the following week, the blue whale was in one of Brayden's lessons and he perked up and said, "I sat under that!".

This was such a cool day!  We had so much fun exploring this museum.  It was actually overwhelming in spots.  We went back to the hotel and watched Night at the Museum and enjoyed some popcorn.  Really good family day.

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