Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our Week - Week 7

Since my post last week, we made our way home from New York City (for a few days).  But on the way through Pennsylvania, we had to make a stop to see Phil.  Yep, Phil the Weather Man.

The next morning the girls were participating in their first horse riding competition.  They really had fun.  I think they have found their "thing".  I just wish it wasn't such an expensive "thing" to love.

 Caty worked on writing out her first 100s chart.  She was determined and filled it out in one day almost completely by herself.  She was VERY proud of her accomplishment.
 We celebrated and played Monopoly!
Lydia found another toad in the sandbox and relocated him to the garden.  She says he can get more to eat there.
 Then the kids and I headed toward Chicago on our next adventure.  Daddy was already there.  We met up with him.

We only had "school" two days this week.  We had errands and an oil change for the van (which takes like all morning).  Everyone but Brayden was pretty cooperative, even doing their schoolwork at the dealership while waiting on the van to be finished.

I am liking Discovery K-12 right now.  I supplement as needed for various subjects with each child.  But I was able to decrease the amount of books I need to take when we travel.  We don't do all subjects with it, because the kids have their favorites or are doing well with a particular curriculum (plus we review stuff also) I do make changes.  But I think it going to be a great base to keep building on, and less planning time for me.

Hope everyone had a great week.  Linking up with other homeschool moms!