Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Visiting Art in New York

We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art while in NYC.  Minus being  in Paris at the Louvre, I felt like I was in an art mecca.

 I didn't get many shots in here. Unfortunately I was so freaked out by the amount of people and making sure no one touched anything, that I didn't get to enjoy all the art that surrounded me.
 The girls loved the Asian art area.

We took Daddy with us to the Museum of Modern Art....the home of Starry Night.  Lydia's favorite painting.

 I was amazed to see the art in person....the same thing I have been seeing in the girls textbooks.  I just wanted to stand and stare.

 A whole Picasso wing....
 And of course Starry Night!!

 Caty and her audio guide and she so wanted to see an Andy Warhol.

 Mark Rothko
 I almost stepped on this art.  It was not roped off and I was looking the other way.  Whoops!
 An Alexander Calder mobile.

Was it worth the visits?  I actually preferred the Modern Museum of Art over the Met.  But we also only saw a fraction of what we could've seen at the Met.  I would highly recommend if you are in this area to add both these museums to your itinerary.  They are very much worth your time and money if you love art.

I also highly recommend getting the audio guides to take through the museum.  Caty loves these and it helps you to hear so much more than your eyes can read.  There is no charge at either place for these.  So it was a nice addition for her.

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