Monday, July 21, 2014

Visiting National Monuments - Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Next to going to Mount Rushmore, this is a trip the kids could not wait to make!
 Caty was watching for the Statue of Liberty from the moment we got near New Jersey.
 Of course we had to have some goofy souvenirs.
 The Manhattan and Brooklyn Skyline.

 This was an expensive venture that day.  The ferry cost is what gets you, but unless you have a personal boat docked you have to pay it.  The funny thing is it doesn't cost to go to Ellis Island, because it's a National Park.  But when you buy tickets, you are charged by the ferry service and then the Statue of Liberty tickets also.  We could only get pedestal tickets.  Which was ok, because I don't think the kids could have climbed to the crown.  I did that once when I was 16 and it was hard.

The view from the pedestal.
 The other view from the pedestal.

Joey called this looking up her "Skirt"
 There is a neat museum to go through in the pedestal.  You do not need to even climb to the pedestal if you do not want to.

Her face to scale.
 The original designer of the Statue of Liberty.
 Different possible designs
 I would hate to buy shoes for those feet!
 Can you hear me now?
 Molding tools that were used when the statue was built.
How the statue was built

 Pedestal models

 Then there was a small amount of the Statue of Liberty in Pop Culture

 I HOT and fun-filled afternoon.

 Then we caught the ferry to Ellis Island.  I have to say it was beautiful.  But because of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, we could not explore the island and buildings freely.
 I made the kids stand and pretend they were coming off a boat (not a huge difference since they just and see this building, after living in one room cabins and shacks.  Can you imagine the thoughts going through the immigrants heads as they looked at this monstrous building?  I could only think that it's a display showing the land of opportunity.  A land of wealth.
 There were various displays for showing the immigrants and the countries they were from.

 Entrance hall.  The design is beautiful.
 Benches that were used during Ellis Islands period of existence.
 Immigrant check-in logs
 Looking down into the arrival area
 Pictures of this area during the late 1800s, early 1900s.

 Dormitory room if you were required to stay at Ellis Island due to fear of disease or if you were hurt.
 These were items that were left behind at Ellis Island by immigrants.

 Some of the original building is protected by an extra outer building that was built for museum purposes.
 Did you know that Ellis Island was used as a detention center for Prisoners of War during WWII.
Damage done by Hurricane Sandy

 The kids had fun, their highlight being the Statue and my highlight being Ellis Island.  I think we all had fun.  The ride back was beautiful with a nice breeze.

 We left out of the New Jersey side, that is the history New Jersey Railroad terminal.  It took many people to their new lives.

On a travel scale of 1 to 10, this is a must for families.  Make sure to leave room in your budget for a trip to the Statue of Liberty!!

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